Gary Primm& Fellowship

Gary Primm& Fellowship


high energy praise, heart felt worship,and a urban sound that makes the younge people groove and the older beleiver want to get involved.


Gospel music is now ready for the music, message, and high energy that many thousands of fans are recieving weekly from the ministry of Gary Primm and FEllowship. This group is made up of praise and worship leaders from through out birmingham, al. Gary and the crew have been a mission taken the gospel through out the streets and local churches on what is now called the "one word tour".Hundreds of people flock to the front of the stage as Gary takes the mike and leads the believers on a musical journy that cronicales the twenty years he has lived with major pain in his legs and all over his body.and as a result of his massege of hope and deliverence hundreds are realizing that God is good, and that all we need is one word from the lord.Delegates from japan at the Gospel MUsic Workshop of America heard the lead single one word they bought the cd single took it back to japan and when the saw him in the hotel one year later the rememberd him and asked for his pic and autograph, what a night. How about bringing this kind of annointing to your venue.


one word

Written By: gary primm

lord give us a word, lord give us a word, lord give us a word, all we need is just one word from you, all we need is just one word from you.

drive , you promised you woughl heal our land. all we need is just one word from you


conversation with a ritter vol1 ,and the latest project Atime of refreashig the Birmingham experince. the single one word is being serviesd through out the south east and on the west coast in southern cali aswell as in newyork, and the songe is met with lots of love

Set List

we start with "its not yours" then we styay in the funk feel with abide in me,from there we go right in to the more intomit setting with " my Prayze "and the lead single "one word',and close out with the sunday morning foot stomping "going all the way
our set varys from 15 min-1hour just depending the time restraints.