Gary Reynolds
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Gary Reynolds

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Not Lame"

... you`ll hear some of the strongest Sgt. Pepper influenced modern-day pop as you may have heard ina long time in a handful or two of the 14 songs here. You`ll hear plenty of Squeeze(that Beatle-thing again), early Michael Penn, Vinyl Kings .... Extremely Highly Recommended, yes, indeed--you knew that after reading those last few reviews, right?! - Not Lame

"Three Imaginary Girls"

"... a playful, accessible style that would make you want to listen to anything he sings...I bet his live shows are ones to remember."
- Chris Estey


The album Santiago's Vest really shows you what "pop rock" is. These days we
have bands that try to say they are "pop" and, well, those bands need to
take tips from this band.-Abe Gastelum - RACKET MAGAZINE


... strong pop songwriting; free of filler, any of these songs could easily be considered single-worthy... if you could write pop songs as catchy as The Brides’ Gary Reynolds, you’d probably be writing love songs to yourself, too. - Performer Magazine

"Seattle Post-Intelligencer"

The first thing to love about singer-songwriter Gary Reynolds is that he sounds just like John Lennon. Just like him. The songs themselves continue the Lennon aesthetic of smart pop structures, keen, peppery musicianship and an easy, speak-sing voice that can go up or down to emphasize any point. Lyrically, "Santiago" leans toward clear narratives, little story-songs with catchy choruses and hard, spiky edges. The sturdy and succinct jams into the songs, which resemble gritty Americana with tendencies toward surprising, hard-rock moments. - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Performer '08"

Gary Reynolds is one of Seattle's hardest working and - ironically, given the name of his band — most unsung fountains of song. Prolific by almost any standard... - Performer '08

"Vinyl Fanatics"

Its a quirky mixture of sonically interesting experimentation and big big choruses. Its mainly guitar and percussion driven but brings in plenty of organ and some Cello to keep things off the beaten track.
Musically its a very interesting album. There are a wide variety of styles and/or influences. Its cinematic at times, straight ahead rock at others. Possibly the closest match is Supergrass with the same shared love of sixties influences and harmonies. And organ! There are musical twists and inflexions all over which keep the listener interested. - Vinyl Fanatics

"ChickenFish Speaks"

I love this CD. The sound and vocals remind me of a cross between Adrian Belew and a nasal voiced John Lennon. The music is very catchy and deceptively clean, which works perfectly with the wonderful vocals and great lyrics. The songs remind me of the great music of late '80s college radio. While I enjoy just about all of the songs on this release with "Mrs. Lowe", "Everybody's Somewhere" and the Adrian Belew lyric-like "Wall Eyed Girl" being a few of my favorites "Where Do We Go from Here" is heads above the rest. This is a solid CD from start to finish. — Mite Mutant (2008 - ChickenFish Speaks


"Instant Happiness" 2006
"Santiago's Vest" 2008
"Life Of My Own" 2012 (Single)
"Honeymoon" 2012 (Single)
"Volume One" 2013



Seattle, Washington-based Gary Reynolds delivers slightly psychedelic indie-rock with a heavy pop leaning.

Gary Reynolds makes his return with his new album Volume One. This is a follow-up to the 2006 release of “Instant Happiness” and 2008 release of “Santiago’s Vest” released as Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity.

Gary Reynolds is a singer-songwriter, musician, producer and all around musical monster. Reynolds eschews a specific type of creativity: unrelenting, driving, and constant. His bouncy piano pop has been compared to the likes of Lennon, Bowie, 70s/80s Brit-pop all mixed with his own distinct touch. Volume One includes singles from his last two releases and unreleased tracks. The new single “Life Of My Own” starts a new chapter for Gary Reynolds and brings his story full circle. Although his work rewards repeat listens, it’s all instantly connective. Electric. Immediate.

Volume One will feature a limited edition Digital Vinyl CD format and digital download for one price. Volume One represents the music of Gary Reynolds and is a bridge to his next studio album.