Gary Sappier Experience

Gary Sappier Experience


Two time East Coast Music Award Nominee,The Gary Sappier Experience,.Backed by an unprecedented wall of power, continue to wow audiences from coast to coast. Big Drums,Big Guitar and outfront vocals,deliver a recipe for pure rock adrenaline,that will leave the audience screaming for more!


The music can be described as an emotional abyss into the world of Native music.Powerful,outfront vocals,mixed with catchy tones, that take you on a journey of broken dreams.Influences are that of The Scorpions and Ozzy Osbourne to America and April Wine.
This has to be one of atlantic Canada's most versatile band.Amazing musicanship with decades of road experience.To put it simply,These guys Kick Ass and take names later!


Gary Sappier Expereince-Self Titled 1st CD.
"Wanted"-Second CD release.
USA Radio has been playing the song "Wanted Man"for the past 15 weeks on 102 ROCK FM.

Set List

1. South Train
2. Can it be
3. Mama Do Ya Think
4. Are you There
5. Heavan
6. Runaway
7. Lost
8. I Remember
9. Are You Out There
11. Goodbye
12.Wanted Man