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"Rough Cuts(Hot Press-August 2008)"

"Gary Stewart is a Scot with a CD called "Tables,Trees and Tripods". He plies his trade at the softer end of the folk rock brand,with a voice that has traces of Michael Stipe leavened with a Scottish burr. "Big Ben" is replete with sparkling guitars and harmonies on a tune delivered with panache. The reflective and somewhat downbeat "Woody Allen" has a more roistering backing juxtaposed with the delicate side of Stewart's vocal,and those fine harmonies again. The title tune opens with some brief folksy licks, then stirs in thumping drums,with a more vigorous band sound and Stewart's sturdy voice taking this urgent track way beyond twee folk territory. The lyrics reflect the insecurities of life,but there's nothing insecure about the performance of either Stewart or his musical accomplices. In a less crowded world we'd have heard more of Stewart,but there's still time,especially if he can inject something truly personal into his worthy doings." - Hot Press Magazine(reviewed by Jackie Hayden)

"Acoustic Edinburgh Festival(featuring Edwina Hayes)"

The relaxed cocoon-like atmosphere of Medina was the perfect setting for this dreamy night of acoustic music. Strewn happily over a floor cushion, I listened to five varied sets of unplugged sounds, which lulled and soothed until the audience were purring contentedly. The undoubted star of the show was the elfin Gary Stewart, who captivated his audience with some powerful, foot- stamping, guitar tapping songs, which alone would justify the entry fee. Headlining was Edwina Hayes, whose sweet northern voice ended the night on the themes of love and life. Recommended for anyone wanting to step into another world and be left fuzzy and contented like after a glass of mulled wine. - Three Weeks Magazine(August 2008)

"Cool Acoustics at Royal Park Cellars(Jan 2009)"

"...The event finished in style with surely one of the best, if not the
best “live” bands around, the amazing Gary Stewart Band. Anyone seeing
the band for the first time are left with the same unanswered question
“why is Gary and the band not massive by now?” surely it can only be a
matter of time before this highly-talented singer-songwriter and his
band receive the accolades they truly deserve. The Gary Stewart Band
are pure class, there is no need to say anymore, apart from catch them
ASAP..." - Paul Abraham(Keep Music Live)

"Tables,Trees and Tripods e.p review-by Maria Pinto Fernandes(June 2008)"

I first came to hear of the Gary Stewart Band at the Futuresound heats in July of last year, when I was bowled over by their performance. And almost a year on, here we have it, a brand spanking new EP from the quartet who have worked their way to the top of the folk scene in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Opener 'Big Ben' delightfully lures the listener in with a guitar arrangement that sounds like it was just meant to be. Gosh, it's like you couldn't possibly imagine the song sounding any other way... it is - dare I say it - perfect. Seamless. Gary Stewart and Andy Hawkins' respective vocals and acoustic guitars are so skillfully in sync, merging together as they do to create a soothing effect that still manages to hold your undivided attention and not allow it to wane in the slightest. A more than promising start with a song that takes you on a journey that will hopefully become clearer with the rest of the EP, but that even if the purpose is not specifically marked, you'll return to your starting destination with a refreshed state of mind.

Next up, 'Woody Allen' begins with a much more angry and urgent tone that compels the listener to absorb each word and note. The vocals seem more stripped down too, which works in every way as when the backing vocals join there is created a harmony like no other. Together Gary and Andy sing a song of rejection that is only lessened by the persona's adoration of filmmaker Woody Allen. The band appear to play their instruments with a newly marked intensity which sees the EP strengthen by force. It's as if what they're playing and singing is that important that you just must hear it, and it sure works for me.

The title track ups the ante even more, as the false sense of security that the band deceptively lured us into firmly disappears. The musical arrangement here is not made from love or happiness, but an energetic anger that reaches out and grabs you by the neck. It is brilliant. Who'd have thought that folk could slap you up with such immediacy?! Personally this EP has drastically altered my perception of the genre, as well as boldly stating that genre means no boundaries these days, that music is music. Gary sings a tale of the instability of life, drawing inspiration from the song and EP title that one can never be sure of one's direction or what's round the next corner. I am scared of what the final track may bring...

But fear not dear reader as 'Lollipop Love' marks a return to the comfortably familiar ground of track one. The final song that resounds in our collective ears tells a tale of a meeting between two people with the ambiguous repeated message that "It's been a long long long long long long long long long long long long time for you". Make of this what you will, but what's for sure is that the Gary Stewart Band cleverly construct a veneer of sincerity over venomous lyrics that don't necessarily mean as well as they make out.

All in all, an EP that could be described as 'lovely' without being cringe worthy. An EP that's gonna shake up this little scene of ours, with the best intentions at heart, of course.

- Leeds Music Scene


Tripping Holes/Bucket Of Stars-double A-side single(released on the label Littlest Mojo,december 2007)-available as a digital download.

Tables,Trees and Tripods-E.P(released on the label Littlest Mojo,june 2008)-available as a digital download or from local stores and gigs.

Tables,Trees and Tripods,Tripping Holes and Big Ben have all been played on various radio stations(Raw Talent,BBC Leeds,BBC 6 Music)



"Like Cat Stevens on Acid"-Leeds Music Scene. Gary Stewart writes and sings songs; sometimes on his own; sometimes with his band. He is from Perth, but currently resides in Leeds, where he has been carving a name for himself steadily for the past two years. The Scot has supported fellow singer/songwriters such as Johnny Flynn,Laura Marling, James Yorkston, David Kitt, Nizlopi, Jacob Golden and Emma Pollock,The All New Adventures Of Us,Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson,Joan As Policewoman and most recently,James at Leeds Academy. Gary has recently been touring Ireland and Scotland in support of his new E.P "Tables,Trees and Tripods", which was released on the Littlest Mojo label in June. The E.P is available to download from i-tunes and some nice things have been said about it already; "He plies his trade at the softer end of the folk rock brand, with a voice that has traces of Michael Stipe leavened with a Scottish burr. Big Ben is replete with sparkling guitars and harmonies on a tune delivered with panache..."-Jackie Hayden,Hot Press Magazine "All in all an EP that could be described as lovely without being cringeworthy. An EP that's going to shake up this little scene of ours,with the best intentions at heart, of course..."-Maria Pinto Fernandes, Leeds Music Scene "Gary played some sweet tunes off his EP called Tables, Trees and Tripods very folk pop sound and with a feel of an early Paul Simon very impressed with this guy live he went down pretty well on the sunny Sunday evening. *****" "Stewart's plaintive voclas,sung in his Scottish accent,are heartfelt and simple,while his band stir up a summery mix of Paul Simon-esque melodies and gentle folkish arrangements"-Tom Goodhand, Leeds Guide