Gary Ward

Gary Ward


Brings a unique but straightforward,sincerity in new christian contemporary rock that hasn't been around in a long time. His songs draw you in,and relate to the everyday person without losing it's message of what goes on inside us all and the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Whether on or off stage, Gary Ward has always captured everyone's attention, by just being himself. The all around, down-to-earth, positive, likeable guy from South Florida that people just seem to enjoy being around all the time. Gary is who he is because he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. It was at age nine when Gary made that decision. Gary was born on June 29th in Jacksonville, Florida and spent his childhood growing up in Miami. The youngest of three children, he has always loved music. He began by singing songs in church and started playing guitar at age twelve. Gary began to write, sing and play his own songs around a year later. And from then 'til now, he has gained years of experience playing live as a solo artist, a part of duo and trio groups and as a member of several bands in both South Florida and Nashville. The main goal of Gary's music is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to touch peoples lives with God's message. His deepest desire, is to see souls saved through the gifts that God has given him. Gary would love to know what you think!Don't be shy, sign the guestbook on here and drop us an email at! All songs are copywritten by GEW Music Ltd and registered with BMI Music. If you choose to download any of the songs listed on this site, Please leave some feedback. Thanks


Over Me

Written By: Gary Ward

The devils hand was over me.
But God had a plan, to set me free.
God sent His Son, and they hung Him from a tree. Now I have a way to get over me.
I heard a knocking at my door, and I turned the key.
Cause I knew I wasnt who, He wanted me to be. So I asked Him to come in, and I was down on my knees. The flood gates opened, His living water ran over me.

His grace, His love,His blood, washed over me. Now I walk in peace and faith through eternity.
Just like a rushing wind, He swept over me. Now forever, and ever and ever, He reigns over me.

All my sin was gone when His blood washed over me.
The book of life holds my name and the Holy Spirit came over me.
Now I know all the time, He watches over me. I was blind but now I see why He died at Calvary.
And He reigns over me. Yah, He reigns over me.
He reigns over me..mmmm over me.

He Never Let Me Go

Written By: Gary Ward - Gew Songs Ltd/BMI Music

He lifted me and He set me down,
Put my feet on solid ground,
When I asked Him in my heart, my new life began.
And He promised to be with me, no matter where I ran.

He took me up life’s victory road,
Lighten my burdens and carried the load.
I put my faith in Him, in each and everything.
He’s my peace and protection,
My Saviour and My King.

Yes, and His words are true for me and you,
And this I’ll always know.
Coz no matter where I’ve been,
He never let me go.

He whispered to me a loving sound,
An echo through the darkness and I was found,
My feet was sinking deep in the sand
Then He reached out and took me in His precious hands.

Yes, and His words are true for me and you,
And this I’ll always know.
Coz no matter where I’ve been,
He never let me go.

Yes, and His words are true for me and you,
And this I’ll always know.
Coz no matter where I’ve been,
No matter where I go,
I just want you to know,
He never me let go (repeat)
My Jesus,
He never let me go.


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