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Gary Zimmerman


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I like a sense of humor in a song, but most of all I like the truth to come out in a song. If it's not from the heart, I normally don't want to hear it!
"A One Man Band won't get far, but a good song stays around forever"!



Written By: Gary Zimmerman

Now here's a song that's not far from wrong,
and it kind of reminds me of you!
So don't get mad even though it's sad,
Just listen to see if it's true!

It's a credit card world that most of us are living in,
Most of us are credit card poor.
So, don't try to kid yourself if you don't think you're fittin' in,
Because you do, If you've got more than four!

When you heard those adds on TV, there's no credit checks come on!
You applied and couldn't believe your eyes when the mailman brought you one.
So you applied again, and again, and now it's plain to see,
All the credit cards you've got in your wallet and how proud you seem to be.

Yea, you bought yourself a new V.C.R. and got the wife a big ol'computer.
You bought one of the kids a video game, and bought the other one a motor scooter.
You've bought some land, a house, a car, and now a big ol'fancy boat.
You bought yourself a new guitar, and a brand new leather coat.


Now you've got one from Shell, and M-o-b-i-l, from Shamrock and Firestone.
You've got one from Dillards, American Express, and even one for your telephone.
You've got one from Visa, MasterCard, Sears, K-Mart and Sam's.
And no wonder you've got one from "Discover", you're an "American Credit Card Man"!


Now here's a thought for our President that each of us might say,
I'll make you a bet about the national debt and why it won't go away!
If there's no plan for that credit card man, how much could all of us lose?
Because there's no debate when you consolidate with that plastic I.O.U.!

Well, by now you've got the message and I hope you're not too mad,
I just can't help but ask though, how many plastic cards do you have?
Have you had to file bankruptcy yet? Have you discovered your deep in the red?
Well, I guess it's none of my business and I reckon there's been enough said!


(at end of Chorus repeat): "Yea you do, if you've got more than four"!

(c) By: Gary Zimmerman


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