We believe in music like a perfect way to express our good or bad emotions, our stile is a mixture of rock,punk,pop music with a drop of metal... Our emotions escape from our 4 voice,because a particular character of our group is that we sing all for! We are a young band that propose fresh songs!


The name GAS comes from the acronym of �Giovani Artisti del Suono� (Young Sound�s Artists) sprung since a long and tiring nocturnal session�.89 are the years of each of us��.Young don�t believe it??? It�s a joke �. Do not listen all we say�.. 89 it�s the sum of our ages�
After, near 2 years of exile inside the room of our studio, we have decided from September 2007 to going out and to show all we can do..this time helped us to growing and to amalgamate our band�
We play fresh rock music and some cover from the history of music like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and the most recent Goo Goo Dolls, Modena City Ramblers, and the italian artists Vasco Rossi and Ligabue.We are a joung band that believe in our fresh songs...because these are the best paint of our music style and it's an emotion for us play these.
Waiting for our concert or festival...good listening!

Set List

Our repertory is aroud an hour and a half...with fresh songs and "Smoke on the water","Iris","Buoni O Cattivi"...We song in italian and english.