GasFoodLodging do mainly covers, but not the one's every other cover band in the country/World plays. When you go to see a covers band you more or less know what they're going to play. With GasFoodLodging it's like a breath of fresh air, something different but bloody good. You'll love em!


Gasfoodlodging are a three piece Americana band formed within Birmingham in November 2012 by Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Dave Griffiths. Covering the styles and music of Chuck Prophet, Green on Red, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones as well as acclaimed original material.

Set List

1) Time ain't Nothing
2) You Did
3) Starcrossed Misbegotten Love
4) Control Freaks
5) We ain't free
6) The Left hand and the right hand (New)
7) Too Much ( New)
8) Forever Young
9) Call me the Breeze
10) The Living
11) Full moon on main street
12) Dylan Girl Forever
13) Monkey in the Middle
14) Quantum Leap
15) Tough Enough
16) We had it all - (New)
17) Master of Disaster
18) River runs deep