GasLight Drifters

GasLight Drifters


Gaslight Drifters formed in the fall of 2003 to redefine the sound of jam bands. Taking heed from the bands who paved the way, the GLD has brought influences from all genres to create an original sound that keeps the fans moving.


Gaslight Drifters formed in the fall of 2003 with plans to redefine the sound and perception of “jam
bands”. Starting their instrumental journey as the Grey Davis Trio the band was quick to expand
the musical diversity of the original line up consisting of guitar, bass and drums. Within a few
months of their formation they added keys and percussion to bring depth and variety to the music
and make up what is now GasLight Drifters

Taking heed from the jam bands who paved the way, the GLD brings influences from bluegrass,
jazz, techno, rock, latin and world rhythm and everything in between to create an intoxicating
sound. All members of the band have extensive musical backgrounds each in a mixture of genres.
Each musician adds their own flavor to the music which keeps it fun for them and for their fans.

The GLD pride themselves on their live shows and continue to wow crowds no matter where and when they play. With monumental builds, tight improv jams, and up-beat grooves they keep their shows new and exciting every time, keeping the fans on their feet dancing the night away. Because every night is a new adventure, the GLD highly encourages recording and trading of their shows.

GasLight Drifters are breaking out into the national jam scene and are working on their upcoming
tour for the summer of 2006. Their original sound captivates audiences and gives a large helping to everybody's taste in music. The quickly growing band is going to be a major influence on the current music coming out of Chicago and the Midwest.


Demo availible at shows.

Set List

Typically the GLD plays a 1 1/2 to 2 hour set with a mixture of mostly originals and a few covers althought they have enough material to fill over 4 hours of time.