Gaslight Street

Gaslight Street


This band thrives itself on it's versatility, live performances, and it's song writing ability. At it's core they are a rock and roll band that comes straight out of the 70's rock culture. Gaslight Street has a true sense of itself and that separates them from the many "come and go" bands of today.


GASLIGHT STREET: 'One foot in blues and roots music, the other steeped in soul'

Charleston rock quartet Gaslight Street's spiritual home seems to be the Deep South by way of London circa 1967. With a dense, guitar 'n' organ sound and groove-heavy style, the newly established act have already met favor with blues fans and classic songwriter fans alike. They work from a healthy and flexible blend of styles — from roots/blues and vintage U.K./U.S. guitar-rock and '60s soul to more contemporary rock styles.
"Those are my main influences and the band's foundation," says singer/guitarist Campbell Brown (also of local band Live Oak). "That is music we were all raised on. However, I think while so many bands try to be different from song to song and album to album, we actually try to keep it consistent to our blues/rock sound. Our strength is everyone's individual musicianship and being able to come together and channel our energy into making this sound whose core is that blues/rock/soul thing. Our focus is to stay true to that.


Last Shot of Whiskey
Skin Deep (played on 105.5 FM in Charleston, SC)
Reach Down (performed live on 105.5 FM)
What Can You Do

Set List

Typically a two set (60 min. each) night is the norm.