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Gas Station Disco

Pottsville, Pennsylvania, United States

Pottsville, Pennsylvania, United States
Rock Pop




"Kickstarter great way for local talent to boost their projects"

POTTSVILLE -- Funding creativity isn't always easy. It's usually not cheap either.

Money and the economy are a daily worry for many people, so it's no surprise that music labels of all shapes and sizes are also pinching pennies.

More musicians and music industry professionals are turning to the kindness of friends and fans to advance their artistic endeavors. These appeals are seeing a much better response thanks to the online crowd-sourced funding site, Kickstarter.

Kickstarter, if you're not familiar, allows musicians and artists (and indeed, any creative thinkers) of all types to create online campaigns asking fans to help fund creative projects, such as a book, an new album or even a music video. Each campaign has a set number of days to reach a predetermined monetary goal through donation pledges.

Pennsylvania rock band Gas Station Disco turned to Kickstarter when they found themselves with an album's worth of recorded songs and not enough money to produce the physical product (an expensive endeavor that includes mixing, mastering and pressing CDs) and a music video.

The band's experience was one of the many Kickstarter success stories. In September, Gas Station Disco used Kickstarter to ask their fans to support them and donate to their CD and music video project and their fans did not disappoint in helping the band reach their goal in a little more than 20 days.

The band is set to finish the record in the coming weeks and shoot a music video at Goodfella's Warehouse in Pottsville, at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13.

Gas Station Disco's debut single "Dancefloor," the song the band is doing the music video for, has received praise from industry insiders.

"'Dancefloor'" shows signs of a major hit," said Lee Swartz of Sony Publishing. "The band's live show is unmatched by most of the bands that I've recently seen."

In the short time since its formation, Gas Station Disco has rocketed to the forefront of the local scene, accelerated by its high-energy performances. The band delivers a sing-out-loud brand of rock music intended to captivate the crowd and keep them partying all night long. - Shamokin News Item


Still working on that hot first release.



Gas Station Disco has established themselves as a fresh, new force on a rock landscape that has long since grown stagnant. Years of blood, sweat, determination, and dues paid on countless venue stages, have allowed the members of Gas Station Disco to develop a tightly-knit chemistry that spills over to their relationship with their fans. Climbing their way to the top of the East Coast music scene. Gas Station Disco are turning heads and leaving crowds wanting more…

Living each day like it’s their last, and playing every show like it’s their first…Gas Station Disco.