Gates Of Dis

Gates Of Dis


Gates Of Dis is a driving force in keeping true metal alive. They continue to thrash through the greater Chicago land music scene with flesh slicing riffs, bone crushing purcussions, face punching vocals, and blood thirsty fans. The band is on a unholy crusade to preach metal to the masses.


In 2007 brothers Matt and Scott Powell, along with long time friend Jay Perez began to take their previous project, Driven Away, in a new direction. Later that year they brought a young Doug "Dragon" Bolton on board. Shortly after the band picked up bassist Kyle Pumfrey to complete the quintuplet of darkness. The band began writing and prefoming their own mix of thrash and groove metal. Gates Of Dis quickly recorded their demo in Guitarist Matt Powell's basement, and began playing shows. Before long they were signed to Turkey Vulture records, and scheduled to record their debute album. The album was tracked in February of 2010 and set to release later that year. Untill the release Gates Of Dis prepares by spreading as much true metal to as many as possible. Gates Of Dis is determined to steer metal away from the popular trends and push metal farther with more complex song structures and seemingly impossible riffs.


Honor What's Been Lost
Try To Forget
Left For Dead
Enter The Gates