Heavy grooves, pounding rhythms, chainsaw guitars, melodic hooks that bury themselves in the brain and never let go. From emo to punk to rock, Gatlin runs the gamut and provides something anyone can bob their head, play air guitar, jump around, and most importantly, sing along to.


In today's cookie cutter world of active rock bands, every band that comes out tries to mimic both the sound and the success of those that came immediately before them. While this can turn into a successful venture for many acts, it generally results in either short-lived attention or a band that ends up being considered a "never was". The rare diamonds in the rough are those that take chances, go their own way and develop into a mainstream powerhouse on the strength of music integrity, skill and the power to buck the system and create something new and fresh. The next precious gem in the active rock community is now in your hands. That jewel is Gatlin.

Formed in 1995, the partnership of vocalist Jon Drake and guitarist Don DeBiase quickly worked to write songs that didn't comply to any musical trend, yet appealed across the board to fans of many different musical genres. They quickly went from opening uninspiring rock shows to headlining larger and larger venues. 1999 saw drastic development from the band, as their second release saw the band begin to creep into the playlists of both college and commercial radio stations throughout the Cleveland and Akron, OH radio markets. Through diligent playing and a never-ending passion to grow and develop into their own unique entity, several musician changes surrounded the team of DeBiase and Drake, until they closed in on what was, in the mind of their fans, the press and Cleveland Radio, their pinnacle achievement - 2002's CURRENT. Following the release of this opus, the band - Drake, DeBiase, guitarist Pat Ols, drummer Steve Lockhart and bassist Ken Irizarry hired professional management and sought to move to the next level. Several professionally recorded demos found their way again to commercial radio and became some of the most requested music in the Cleveland area.

Their song "Reflection" was the champion of 92.3FM WXTM's EXTREME CAGE MATCH competition; defeating 9 national recording acts on its way to the top spot on the station's charts. They also went from being a popular local band in Cleveland to being the single biggest unsigned draw in the market; selling out a 900 seat auditorium every time they ventured into it! Clearly, Gatlin's time has arrived.

Gatlin is currently entertaining recording options, but doesn't want you to simply read the words on this paper and be impressed. Instead, set this bio on the top of your inbox and put the enclosed CD in your player, turn it up a bit, and judge for yourself. Just as you wouldn't throw away a perfectly cut gemstone, we're confident that you will do the same with this group of ambitious musicians on the rise. You'll hear it in the tunes. You'll see it in the image. You'll feel it in the grooves. You have the chance to let this gem shine throughout the world, or you have the choice to let someone else take this opportunity from you. Do you want to be the renowned jeweler, or the guy that lost the brass ring in the pawn shop! The decision is yours.

Gatlin is managed by Hardcore Marketing, Inc. and represented by Attorney Barry Jay Reiss of Serling, Rooks and Ferrara and Adam Kaplan of Kaplan & Gamble. For more information or to further discuss Gatlin, contact Neil Sheehan at 440-915-7165.


THE EP - 2004 EP

Set List

Full Circle
Land O'
Going Under
Broken Secret
Walk Away
Other Half