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Gatlin Elms

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Folk


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"Gatlin Elms - Carry Me Home"

Gatlin Elms have basically come out of nowhere with Carry Me Home, their latest release due out on October 10, 2010 (10/10/10). If you’re looking for new music and a band that you can follow for a while, then Gatlin Elms are a good place to start.

Carry Me Home starts with a short but sweet instrumental intro called “Billions”. This leads in to what I believe is one of the best tracks on the record “The Colors We Can’t See”. A driving acoustic down strum makes way for a fun drum down beat. The places they take this song are just fantastic with “oh oh why” background vocals during the second verse and the big drums finish the song well. It’s another short song, but I love it. I’ve tried to figure who I think these guys sound like, but I just don’t feel like I’ve got my finger on it yet. They definitely have some Coldplay influence, but I don’t think they’re trying to be them or rip them off in any way. They’ve got their own sound and it’s one that I think you’re going to like.

Their fifth song “Always” has a very surprising break down about three and a half minutes in that could honestly be it’s own song. The electric guitar hits just right and I’m sad when that songs ends because it keeps me wanting just a little bit more. The title track “Carry Me Home” has got me thinking they might even have some Tom Petty mixed in to their sound. In general the album has kind of an “up-and-down” feel from song to song. Just about every song other song is fast and driving and then open and airy. They rely heavily on the acoustic guitar (which is fine by me) and it’s done tastefully.

Gatlin Elms have definite potential, and since this is an independent release I have a gut feeling we’re going to hear more from them in the future. I don’t think they’ve peaked on this album by any means–there’s plenty of room for more. They have great control of their sound and are obviously comfortable playing together because they build and build their songs but don’t overdo it. I think that kind of writing takes talent and to record it on an album is much harder than just playing it live. I have a feeling this album is going to do very well. For ten bucks you can’t go wrong with the physical CD and digital download and you might say it’s a perfect 10 for $10 on 10/10/10. - Evade The Noise

"Gatlin Elms - Carry Me Home"

Propelled by emotion wrapped in the fibers of each note, the connection between the band and listener is an organic one, built up over the instrumental “Billions” and then instantly exploited in “The Colors We Can’t See”. The deeply rooted soul that ‘Carry Me Home’ comes heavy with is matched perfectly by the Folk/Rock music and passionately weathered vocals of Mr. Elms.

The album embraces the message of the moving beyond the past and coming out on the other side changed. The title track, “Carry Me Home”, has several lines that linger long after the song is finished, but the lyric that champions the album’s theme is also the song’s last line “How many times will we recite the lines that we’ve been singing, these lines all wrong”. It’s in these softer and slower moments that the comparison to the band Sleeping At Last is as clear as day and though the music is slightly different, the passion behind the often timid vocals is as good as you could ever hope for.

“Letting Go” and “Talk About It” unapologetically cater to those who need a little more Pop in their music with lively choruses and soundtrack potential melodies. “The Colors We Can’t See” remains among my favorites for its dynamics and swirling background vocals. Choosing a favorite track though becomes like choosing a favorite stage of life, they all become nostalgic when looking back and played their part perfectly in taking you through the journey.

This is one of those records that, if any of the songs catch your ear, all of them should. And if you enjoy the album, you’ll agree with me that there’s not one thing wrong with it. - The Album Project


The Oceans & The Stars - 2008
Carry Me Home - 2010



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