Dynamic in both stage presence and musical output, with a strong flair for style and continuity in a setlist. We strive to put on the best show we can, and do not take anything for granted. We give EVERY show, recording, and practise EVERYTHING we have. Thousands of hours have been spent perfecting our sound, and we would like nothing more than to share our passion and hard work with as many people as possible, through live shows and recordings.


Gatling started in 2007 as a two-piece instrumental group, and was so for many years, before doubling in size and adding vocals. Their debut album Beforemath was (finally) released on April 10th, 2012, featuring artwork by Jackson Cheng of Dark Zen Design, and production from Michael Briguglio, of famed metal group Borealis. Bolstered by a playable song for the Rock Band video game ("Absolute") and live performances at iconic venues such as Lee's Palace and the Hard Rock Cafe, Beforemath garnered attention in both the Ontario and worldwide music scenes.



2009: Resonance Cascade [Demo]
2010: Hen In A Pumpkin
2011: Absolute EP

Studio albums

2012: Beforemath