Gator Beat

Gator Beat

 Sonoma, California, USA

Gator Beat, West Coast's hardest hitting Zydeco, New Orleans R&B band is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, high energy concert and dance band. They are known to fans as "The Band With A Beat That Bites".


The Gator Beat Band has what it takes. With the same survival instinct as it's namesake, Gator Beat continues to adapt itself to its audiences, always with something fresh yet true to its calling. That calling is to represent the music of South Louisiana in all its forms, Cajun, Zydeco, and New Orleans style. They have the talent and diversity to express the subtleties, execute the differences. The result is a remarkable show with so much variety and depth that at the end, you just want to see it again. The Gator Beat Band leaves you happy and hollerin' "Gimme Some Mo".


1996 Mardi Gras Fever
1997 See Ya Later Alligator
1999 River's Gonna Go
2002 Lucky Stars
2005 Keep On Smilin'
2007 Gimme Some Mo'
2010 Let's Dance

Set List

Brother John
C'mon 2nd Line
I'm Coming Home
See Ya Later Alligator
Zydeco Wine
Sundance Waltz
The Watermelon Song
Let's Dance
Mojo Workin'