Gator Landon

Gator Landon


The music I write is about the people I imagine or places I wish I could be at times. Sometimes it is a place I am in or a slight feeling that I have. After the words are formed I try to use the music as the vehicle to take the listener where I am.


Gator Landon was born in Ontario, Canada in 1982. He lived on farms there until he was nine years old. His father then decided to sell the house and drive the entire family around the country and figure out where they wanted to live next. West Virginia became the family's home for the next 2 and a half years until poverty forced them out into North Carolina where the economy was doing much better at the time. He finished up high school there and began to gather drum machines, tascam recorders, keyboards, and turntables. He took drum lessons for a year while he was sixteen before aquiring his first set of Tama drums. His father was also teaching him guitar throughout the years which he used mostly to create instrumentals. He met a young Russian girl from New York City at nineteen and decided he would move there for her only to come face to face with heartbreak. He then went into the city to pursue a short, but sweet modeling career . He also studied method acting for a few months which gave him the confidence to at least try singing. After he had made a little money, he went to the Apple store downtown and purchased an ibook which contained garageband. With this new tool he was able to create songs by overdubbing tracks and he began to write short stories and poetry to go in the mix. He left New York to move back to North Carolina to get back in touch with something real. He started a rock 'n' roll band named "frank" (named after his great grandfather) and started truly pursuing music. His main influences came from his father's record collection which includes The Doors, Led Zepplin, Billy Cobham, Tom Waits, Canned Funk, Monty Python, Tom Petty,Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Jazz, Lounge,etc. His brother also encouraged more ninties rock and hip-hop. He is currently working on his first solo album which will include his wife (LB), and some friends and some of his original garageband recordings. His music is mainly based off of his imagination, but he will also use factual events throughout history to find the base for a song. For work he now installs, sands and finishes hardwood flooring for his father.


hit the high road

Written By: Gator Landon

forgive me Father, for I have sinned
I got no place to put the hate I bury within
so I blow it out the barrel of my forty-five
I shoot'em down 'till there's no bounty hunters alive
I've been runnin' since the day I shot a man
I pulled the trigger and I sent him to Your promised land
was looking for a way to hide myself
A young woman came and gave me some help
you're a weapon baby
shoot another man down
hit the high road Grady
to get you outta this town
I tried and tried but I can't quit
I end every mans life with a bullet
hid in caverns and down in caves
stopped by and see ol' gunslingers grave
hole-in-the-walls the place to be
ol' Butch and Sundance been taken good care of me
We rob trains and banks and share the wealth a young woman came and gave me some help
you're a weapon baby
shoot another man down
hit the high road Grady
to get you out of this town

Rock 'n' Rolls Gone

Written By: Gator Landon

I crosse another state line today
hit a toll and I had to pay
I got bills yeah I got rules
politicians must got me fooled
cause I've been feeling low when their feeling high, I've been late when their right on time, I miss my friends cause it's been too long and camaraderie's gone
I crossed over the line today
forgot her roses had nothing to say
this choke collars wearing out my neck, she tells me something and I always forget
she's got me feeling low when she's feeling high, I've been late when she's right on time, I miss her body and I know it's wrong, but all our romance is gone
well I sit on down in front of my TV and I wait on it to give something to me , I soul search inside, but I'm still empty , I need a recipe to build a time machine, so I can travel back in time and live off of the land, the definition and description of who I am , I like to sweat to bleed I don't mind, I'm chasing after a dream that ain't mine
I been feeling low when their feeling high
I've been late when their right on time
I miss the fifties like I love my Mom
Cause now rock 'n' roll's gone

Cry of a Native

Written By: gator landon

we used to roam across this land
hunted gathered with bare hands
white devil came across the seas
got us sick and put us on our knees

I used to run with the buffalo but you swooped on down and you snatched my soul away
Watched the wind blazing throught the grass but I swapped my soul with the whiskey fask again

we shot bows and shot guns
for their money gave them a run
you can stand up against their fear
and still end up in a trail of tears

hawk feather in the band that's wrapped around my head
free to paint our faces for the night raiders who'll rule this world again

don't kill the messenger

Written By: gator landon

shine the sun right in my eyes
show us how the world will die
let me hold on to your hand
while you show me how the leaders lie
let's take our cars and smash them up
take could from the would chuck chuck
drinkin' that oil from the holy grail
while we got no water in a paper cup

I hate to be the bearer of bad news

dig a bigger ditch for the super-rich
set me on fire cause I'm a which
reveal the theives of society that take advantage of the systems glitch
plow a building and build some land steal from the stealers cut off their hands they scratch themselves upon their back and they give themselves a hand

I hate to be the bearer of bad news
so don't kill the messenger

bag of bones

Written By: gator landon

there's things I've done
things I've said
that made me wish I was dead
things I've heard
things I've seen
that over time polluted me
things I've drank
things I've smoked
that make a man want to choke
well I'm a sinner
ain't no saint
got to bury my bag of bones
this is the path I chose
got to bury my bag of bones
I've felt fear
I've felt hate
mostly when I can't concentrate
I stress about the future
and what it holds
if we keep on doing what we're told
our mother is sick and we're the cure, but I don't know if we will endure
cause we all are sinners and we sure ain't saints
gotta bury our bag of bones
this is the path we chose
got to bury our bag of bones

go outside

Written By: gator landon

I'll climb up out my window and go outside
I'm running through the fields in the black of night
They told me that I'm wrong but I know I'm right
I'll give up my whole body without a fight
Meet me in the valley where the light travels on the mist
A quiet place to gather without the rising of a fist
bliss is made of heaven or is it heaven's made of bliss?
meet me in the valley to recieve your moonlit kiss
That I told you about before
Now climb up out your window and go outside
Break that ball and chain with all your might
I know that if you come it will bring delight
Now climb up out your window and go outside

soul suckin' city

Written By: gator landon

I used to stand in the window of a thirty-first floor overlooking the river on the Jersey shore
Paul would come over we would drink invincible or we'd make you think but most of the time when I was alone I'd watch out the window at the steady glow of the apartment buildings neighbors to me sitting there watching those tv screens hell yeah
I ain't got no pity
for a soul sucking city
During the day hop on the path prepare myself for the city's wrath to many people loud noise foul smells some days it's alright but today it's hell I worked for an agency in 212 making my money selling clothes to you but it didn't make me feel real I confess living free from this was the best
ah yeah
I ain't got no pity
for the soul sucking city
met some gays I don't care what you're packing in your underwear but I like what's physically different from me she and I we make a we
it was two and a half years that had went trying so hard just to make the rent greyhound bus calling my name got no pity flowing through my veins for the city
I ain't got no pity
for the soul sucking city


human machine
1. don't kill the messenger
2.hit the high road
3.go outside
4.digesting the west
5.rock n roll's gone
6.mad dog and king fisher
7.bag of bones
8.cry of a native
9.good politician
10.human machine

Set List

two cigs
beauty queen
into the sky
southern belle
the moon
don't kill the messenger
go outside
rock n roll's gone
human machine
my love ain't make believe
bag of bones
mtn. lion
I 85

acoustic covers:
light my fire( the doors)
mother (danzig)
home of the blues (cash)
big river (cash)
heartbreak hotel (elvis)
don't be cruel(elvis)
all shook up (elvis)