Gato's Gullah Gumbo

Gato's Gullah Gumbo

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

We create social change by sharing our intense love of God, Reggae and the many other forms of World Music. We believe that love will change racist philosophy and that a United African Continent is the first and foremost step in this world's eventual unification!


As a band, we all LOVE Reggae Music! Founder Ras Gato's main musical influences include Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Jimi Hendrix and Minnie Ripperton .Ras Gato has been playing guitar since the age of 12 and is also a proficient hand-drummer as well as a rudimentary keyboardist and Bass Guitarist! Gato has always been in the background while playing lead and rhythm guitar with bands in the past and is excited to, not only be playing with his younger brother "Dpontoes" for the first time, but to also be the person up front for the first time! Gato has played with Cleveland Jam-Band "The No" and many other minor local bands over the years, but his most successful endeavor was with California Funk Band "Soul Pyramid" who was offered a recording contract in 1975. Gato could not, however make the commitment as a member of The Armed Forces Of The United States. Fast-forward to today and Ras Gato has re-discovered his love for music and particularly Reggae music and has set-out to conquer the world with vibrations of positivity, love and overstanding! Jah Watches!

Donald "Dpontoes" Hall - Started playing bass guitar at the age of fourteen and was influenced by such extraordinary musicians as Bootsy Collins, Stanley Clarke, Rick James and Jimi Hendrix. Great bands like Cameo and Funkadelic also managed to provide some inspiration! Born in Pittsburgh but definitely a proud Clevelander, Dpontoes became interested in many different forms of music, thanks, in part, to his father's love of drums and drumming to a vast assortment of African, Cuban and Carribean music! Dpontoe's mother Ruth also loves music and always encouraged the interests of her children, no matter their chosen endeavor. It was she who bought Dpontoes his very first bass guitar! In the early 70's, Dpontoes became aware of the hypnotic bass lines and political and social commentary of Reggae music through such celebrated artists as Bob Marley & The Wailers, Black Uhuru, Third World and Steel Pulse. Dpontoes has played with many musicians in the Cleveland area and beyond, including "Cool Runnings" & "The Flex Band" and is excited to be the co-founder of "Gato's Gullah Gumbo", which embraces the Rastafar-I principles of Peace, Love and Togetherness that he grew up listening so intently to! Jah Watches!

Bio Information Is Pending for Members Adetobi, Chano and James....


As a relatively new band, at this point in time we are doing plenty of cover-music featuring some songs of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimi Hendrix, Sting, Eddy Grant, Dawn Penn, Luciano, Joseph 'Culture' Hill and many others. We are working on "Original" songs and I also have quite a few songs in the seedling stage and am looking Far-ward to feeling them grow!

Set List

1st Set
Get Up, Stand Up!
Front Line
Forever Loving Jah
Night Nurse
No, No, No (You Don't Love Me)
Jah Is Real
Walkin' On The Moon
Legalize It
Living Stone
Children Go (Where I Send Thee)
Praises To Jah Jah (Lowrider Riddim)
Thank You Lord
Jah Come Down!
2nd Set
Jah Jah Care About Me!
Wake Up And Live!
One Stone
Put It On
Smiling Faces
Jah Is The Almighty!
It's Me Again Jah!
No Night In Zion
Let Me Talk To You
The Edge Of A Dream
Love Me (The Way That I Am)
Waiting In Vain