So we beat on boats against the current bourn back ceaselessly into the past. Gatsby is 2010.


We are two kids who have a great passion for music. Recently at a songwriters festival in new york.
We were given great praise by songwriters Paul Leka (Green Tambourine, Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye) and Jeff Silbar( Wind Beneath my wings) saying "Gatsby is 2010." We draw our influence from the likes of, Damien Rice, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds, Dave Matthews Band, Dispatch, etc.


White Dress

Written By: Matt Quinn

Okay, Okay your running away your running away from the things you said but do you like yourself, all along these things you'll say again. Open the door and throw it again im sorry i said, but the things that i said i meant them in the same way ill say them once again. Here we are lying alone with your white dress stained but you never know if you do this, will you find the same love once again. But dont you dont you look away love cause the grass grows and the knees shake again. Here we are just fourth grade lovers and do you like yourself and do you like yourself okay okay were standing on our feet looking at the sky and up there we go do you like yourself do you like yourself, Dancing in your white dress over to the back of the bar we she could tell you that you never knew anything or you could drop your head and run for the streets again this is mine but it dont look like anything ive ever owned into the future were the same old kids smoke weed in the back of your mind, but dont look at me that way she said as she slammed the door and walked out again, but here we are just fourth grade lovers and is this what you want is this who you are here we are lying in the graveyard hands outstretched and looking for something but do you like yourself do you like yourself, oh arms and feet to hold the pieces together one day we'll put it all back, here we are fourth grade lovers arms out stretched and lying in the graveyard , is this what you want and is this who you are.


We currently have a 5 song ep out and are in the process of releasing a full length album

Set List

Our typical set depends on the time slot, we do anywhere from 5-10 song sets of all original music.