GAUCHE is a garage rock band with heavy surf and psych-rock feels. The three members of the band have different influences within the rock and roll world, but the soul of GAUCHE comes from the common ground they find. Every song is embraced by each band member and takes on the "color" they exude.


The band is very influenced subconsciously by Nivana, the Black Lips, Los Saicos, and others as a group. Individually the band members like everything from the Strokes, Metallica, and Phish in turn.
When writing songs the process is gradual, and natural. There is no intent as far as what the direction of the song will be, it just starts with a guitar or bass line and the rest is filled in by what seemingly is supposed to go with it. Sometimes this takes five minutes, sometimes it takes over a year, but when its right it is instantly obvious.
The band started in April 2011 as a three piece in Austin, Texas. Months later a second guitar and keyboard player were added for live shows. During the first practice without the additional members in over six months, it was obvious that the core of the band was being muffled by the additional guitar and keyboard. From that point on GAUCHE has been back to the original members, and has been gaining momentum and respect from club owners/ booking agents/ and fans at a very fast rate.


GAUCHE's first EP has already been recorded and will be released in October or November. A few tracks from an early demo recording have been released digitally for free download through reverbnation and are also on the streaming music website