The Gaudry Boys

The Gaudry Boys


We are a young and energetic group of musicians. We started of with three brothers back in 2002 playing fiddle music. In 2006 we added one more member to our band. We play old time fiddle tunes and gettin into some country tunes to mix it up abit. Our band members age range from 13 to 18


The Gaudry Boys are a popular group of musicians from St. Laurent, Manitoba.

In 2002 the Gaudry Boys began with three brothers, Dylan on the fiddle, Zachary on the spoons, and Ryan playing the violin and jigging. Since then the Gaudry Boys love to play many of the musical instruments. The group enjoys sharing their love of the traditional Metis fiddling music and the sounds of country music.

The Gaudry Boys have had the opportunity to be the opening act for Charlie Major, Sammy Kershaw, Crystal Shawanda, Tom Jackson and Johnny Reid. The group played at numerous festivals across western Canada and the United States. A highlight of their career was performing at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC. They also participated in the grand opening of the National Museum of the American Indian Smithsonian Institute in 2004.

Dylan has been playing the fiddle since he was the age of 9. He also plays guitar, bass mandolin and drums. Dylan is a remarkable young man who is known to have dynamic presence on stage. Dylan won the National Metis Youth Role Model Award in 2006 for his volunteerism of entertaining residece of hospitals and senior's residence homes.
Zachary has been playing the bass guitar since he was 12 years old. He also plays fiddle and spoons. Zachary is the gentleman on stage that loves to share his friendly smile. He is also involved in playing at hospitals and senior homes.
The youngest member, Ryan, has been playing the fiddle since he was 5. His big brother, Dylan, has been his teacher. He plays the spoons as well. Ryan may be the youngest of the group but the energy he brings on stage is big! Ryan is currently also learning guitar,drums and square dancing. He is known to be a part of the Asham Stompers.

The Gaudry Boys have been performing for 7 years. They have performed at many venues and festivals across Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and western Ontario. They have also had the opportunity to play at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C and take part in the grand opening of National Museum of the American Indian Smithsonian Institution in Sept 2004. The Gaudry Boys were also the Opening Acts for Charlie Major in 2005 and Sammy Kershaw in 2008. The group also took part in the Walk Against Racism fundraiser with Tom Jackson. With the strong demand for their style of music from their listening audience came the production of a CD, called "REMEMBERING THE BARN DANCE" which is available today. A release of a second CD is available called the "The Acadia Jig". The Gaudry Boys is a group you won't want to miss!


To date we have two CD's available, and they are called:
Remembering the Barn Dance.
The Acadian Jig.

Set List

We normally play a set of approx. 45 minutes. Our song list varies but normally follow these songs:
Old Joe Clark
The Acadian Jig
Black Velvet Waltz
Heel and Toe Polka
Big John McNeil
Jessica's Waltz
Chinese Breakdown
Rubber Dolly
Polson Prisom Blues
Faded Love
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Red River Jig
Orange Blossom Special

Other songs are added or deleted pending on crowd reaction. More sets are added if required.