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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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"Gauge's Best friend Video"

As usual, I am extremely impressed by Gauge’s music and work. The song is well-crafted and meaningful, and the video accompanies it perfectly. I think what I like most about Gauge is the basic courage behind his music. A priest once told me that at the end of the day, there is only one audience that really matters. Gauge seems to grasp this truth without doing anything that alienates his other audience, the fans. It seems to me that Christian music can very often fall into traps of preachyness. Gauge consistently avoids these traps. I think the video adds to this effect--the time when the God character prevents Gauge from throwing the bottle is a good example. This is probably because it shows a temptation that is avoided, but still present. Gauge does not present himself as perfect or goody-goody; he simply presents himself as a person who can access his better nature with God’s help.
I also like that Gauge wins over the character on the street corner who is obviously skeptical of him at first. This adds a sort of narrative to the video that I find very appealing. I look forward to hearing more songs by Gauge and seeing more videos.

--Greg - Gregory Euchner

"REVIEW: Gauge "Jan. 1st 2000""

The title of Gauge's latest, “Jan 1st, 2000: The Next Day,” may be named for a turning point in his life, but his story of salvation doesn't end there. The songs attest to the journey through love, trust, pain, relationships and fighting sin that we all deal with as Christians. On 20 tracks featuring beats from the Jahrock'n crew, Gauge brings the beats, rhymes and life.

Here's the breakdown on the songs...

1. Light the Fuze: I don't really like the low-pitched, plodding beat on this one, and I'm not fond of the singsongy chorus, either. However, the song is interesting, as in it, Gauge chronicles the early stages of his walk with Christ. I think it paints a realistic picture for a new Christian, noting that there are challenges mixed in with soaring moments of love and connection.

2. War: Making war with sin is a common theme of CHH songs, but Gauge's take on the topic is executed nicely. His vocals and the music are amped, and this reflects the level of passion one would need to overcome sin.

3. Best Friend: This song has a smooth street soul sound to it. Chris Belmont on the chorus, along with Gauge's giving love to God equals a winning track. Consider this one a classic.

4. Never Gone Stop: Pettidee comes along for the ride on this high-energy track about doing the will of God, regardless of criticism from Christians and unbelievers. The song is hype, but the sound and the lyrics are a lot more simplistic than on some of the other tracks.

5.Till We Meet Again: Chris Belmont graces this song, as do Light da Flow Minista and Hasib. The gentle beat works well with the stories the MCs paint about people in their lives whom God has called home.

6. God Talk: This song is a conversation between God and Gauge. It's an interesting conversation, with Gauge approaching God for advice and strength on overcoming challenges. The beat is not as compelling as on other songs, but it brings the fast-flying lyrics to the forefront.

7. Shine Your Light: Sherwin Gardner brings reggae vocals to this song and its happy beat. On it, Gauge encourages people to let the light of God shine through in their lives for their own benefit, and the benefit of others.

8. Do It Like This: The off-kilter beat on this one is interesting, in a good way. Gauge gets lyrically schizophrenic, starting with a slow flow and breaking into a speedy flow in the middle. Basically Gauge is flexing his rapping muscles, with lines about the joys of Christian living.

9. Pleasure and Pain: This song isn't Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, or even Meth and Mary. Gauge trades bars of contempt with HeeSun Lee in a song meant to touch on the highs and lows of marriage, with Tanya Thomas and Tj da Praying Man on the chorus. The classic-sounding R&B beat rounds out this song, another high point on the album.

10. Raise the Roof: Another high-energy song, dealing with filling believers and non-believers with the truth. I am feeling the motivation on the song, as well as the way Gauge mixes up his flow.

11.It's Up to You: Gauge explains that you can get with this (heaven) or you can get with that (hell) by the actions you choose. Jay Cabassa lends a sung chorus over the chunky, funky beat. I enjoyed this one.

12.Stick to the Script: Gauge shows off his storytelling skills, with the help of Twyse and Preach dat Fire, by spinning a scenario where there is temptation to commit adultery. He asks for God to give Him strength to walk away. Another interesting beat choice, this one uses a robotic vocal on the chorus over a simple drum beat.

13. Talk to the Ladies and Men: Gauge goes in on a live, a capella song, with message for both genders for preserving self-respect and finding direction in life. You'll find yourself roaring along with the crowd at his punchlines.

14. Party Started: I like the exotic beat on this one, and Tanya Thomas's chorus makes you want to sing along, as you get in the mood to paint the town white, as Gauge suggests, revealing much to praise God about.

15. Listen: Gauge airs things out on drama in the church and the CHH scene over a rock-flavored track. Lots of good food for thought here.

16. We Praise You: I like the tender piano beat and the choir on the chorus. Gauge's amped vocals underlie the passion he has for

17. Christ: This is one of the smoothest hip-hop praise songs I've heard. A joyful noise indeed.

18. Only Love: This pop rock track is all about unity, peace and bringing the unchurched into God's welcoming arms. The chorus, from Bud Ramsay, is pretty catchy.

19. Hating on Me: Gauge takes us to the islands on this mid-tempo jam, with his guest, Ragga. Gauge proves again there's no type of beat he can't smash for God. The song deals with people who are envious of blessings God bestows on others.

20. Let It Go: Gauge spits it “hard body” again, as he says on the song. This song, like the previous one, encourages people to discover their lane in life and stay in it, rather than sinning with envy or other negative emotions. The buzzing electronic beat, coupled with Sheena Lee singing the hook, gives this song a nice, contemporary sound.

This is a very solid album, with something on it for everyone, both sonically and lyrically. It's not surprising that a variety of topics can be covered in 20 tracks; there are a lot of concepts regarding Christianity and how we conduct ourselves that Gague gives us to mull over. It's also not surprising, however, that some songs are stronger than others with that kind of volume. Nevertheless, Gauge, his guests and his producers have created an edifying and inspiring collage of true hip-hop sounds.

Top Songs: Best Friend, It's Up to You, Party Started
- Published by Danielle Campbell-Angah

"Album Review: Gauge “January First Two Thousand (The Next Day)”"

Album Review: Gauge “January First Two Thousand (The Next Day)”
July 5, 2010 by Anonymous
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Gauge “January First Two Thousand (The Next Day)”
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: E Pluribus Unum
Committee Rating: 8.05 (of 10)
Gauge is an interesting artist. He has a distinct voice that stands out (this is a good thing). I appreciate that he put 19 (count ‘em), NINETEEN cuts on this project (plus the intro)! With that being said, this is a quality album. I never felt like a song was just thrown together or not given enough attention. Gauge definitely ministers in excellence.
Speaking of excellence, the content within this album is great and a high point for this album. Gauge brings a word of truth that is clear and concise. He brings it in such a smooth way from so many different lyrical angles that it’s like mixing medicine with a spoon full of sugar. …Ahhhh. Oh! I’m sorry. I got a little carried away…back to
Gauge. The range of content is also good. It’s not just Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, & mo’ Jesus. There’s a great song that exposes the challenges and blessings of marriage. There is a song that is a conversation in between him and God. There’s another song/interlude, or something, that’s acappella, and he talks to the ladies about certain vices they fall into and then talks to the fellas and speaks to them in the same way. It’s good stuff. If you’re looking for good content, the Gauge is full (Haha). Go ahead and laugh…no ones looking.
Gauge’s flow is interesting. For the most part, he keeps it interesting by switching up his rhyme schemes. There were a few lines in a few songs that started to get a little dull (aka predictable) to me, but that’s probably just more my personal taste than a lack of skill or effort. Overall, his flow is very entertaining. Remember, there’s 19 (count ‘em), NINETEEN songs on this project! …I’m just saying.
Gauge’s collaboration with Pettidee was definitely one of my favorites. The beat is tight and the hook is exactly what it needs to be (…catchy). He keeps it going with the next track (#6) with another great collaborative effort. Some songs started heading towards mediocre land, but there’s not much (if any) that I would skip on this CD. In short, this album didn’t blow me away, but it definitely kept my attention. You’d be missing out if you didn’t check it out for yourself. But hey, everybody is a critic. I’m just the guy who wrote the review. Peace and much love.
Music: 7.5 of 10
Flow / Delivery: 8 of 10
Lyricism: 7.5 of 10
Content: 9 of 10
Creativity / Originality / Relevancy: 8 of 10
Credibility / Confidence: 9 of 10
Personality / Character: 8.5 of 10
Presentation Quality: 8 of 10
Overall Production Quality: 8 of 10
Potential Impact: 7 of 10 - Reviewed By: E Pluribus Unum


Still working on that hot first release.



The Christian Hip-Hop movement that emphasizes positivity through Christian values is impacting mainstream culture in ways never seen before. From Los Angeles to Nashville, Atlanta to Philadelphia, New York to London, Christian Hip-Hop artists are causing a stir in the right direction. One of those artists is Gauge.

Gauge, aka David Veira, was born in Brooklyn New York, the last of eleven children to Trinidadian parents. Growing up in Flatbush Brooklyn, Gauge was immersed in the Hip-Hop culture and started rapping from an early age. He also fell into the wrong crowd and was involved in activities that were not becoming of a young man from a family with strong Christian values. Gauge continued to rap, gaining more popularity and eventually became one of the highest selling underground artists with over 9,000 units for his hit single “Cranium” which saw over 13 weeks of airplay on New York radio station Hot 97. His career was further propelled with tours to England, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the United States and Trinidad. He also managed to tour on the MTV circuit with Soca Monarch Bunji Garlin as well as hosted an episode of “Sucker Free Sunday”, doing all of this as an independent artist. With all the success he garnered in mainstream media he was able to perform with The Fugees, GangStarr, Wu-Tang Clan, Coolio and Chuck D to name a few. Yet Gauge chooses to be a part of the Christian Hip-Hop movement.
On December 31, 1999, Gauge accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior after going through a deep depression triggered by a string of personal failures and tragedies. Gauge then set out to deliver a more positive message in his music. On February 16th, 2004, Gauge experienced another tragedy, a freak car accident that killed his beloved mother. Instead of submerging himself in sorrow Gauge allowed God to work in the hurt to make him stronger. Soon after, Mental Link, Inc. – a music label, fashion and philanthropic entity whose vision is to inspire positive values in all demographics using Christian principles – was birthed from the grief.
Since then Gauge and Mental Link, Inc. have been on the move doing some wonderful feats. In December of 2006 Gauge on the Mental Link, Inc. Label released his first album “December Thirty-First Nineteen Ninety-Nine,” with executive producer Roger ‘Buddah’ Munroe of the Producers Coalition of America. On March 1st, 2010 they released the music video to the popular single “Best Friend” shot in HD quality to promote the upcoming release of Gauge’s sophomore album, “January 1st, 2000 (The Next Day)”. This milestone occurred in April of 2010, with the assistance of executive producer Chris “Rock” Belmont of JahRock’n Productions. What a triumph for a company that started in 2004.
But don’t be fooled by the “Christian” in this Hip-Hop artist. He does not limit his craft to the four walls of the church but gauges every situation by performing in Brooklyn Public schools, Bronx Correctional facilities, youth centers, clubs, bars, nursing homes, parks and a host of other venues. Gauge truly goes beyond age, race, denomination, religious affiliation and musical preference to spread the message and the vision that is in his heart. What is most impressive is that people receive it with open arms.
Gauge has performed at prominent events such as McDonald’s Gospel Fest at the Prudential Center, “A Prayer for Hip Hop” at the Copa Cabana, Crash Mansion, Urban League of Southern Connecticut, Al Sharpton’s “Sharp Talk”, P.N.C. Radio, Pitney Bowes, Christian Cultural Center, WLIB’s Holy Hip-Hop Show at Love Fellowship Tabernacle and The Universal Zulu Nation Thirty-fifth Anniversary. He has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with fellow Christian artists Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Viki Winans, Hezekiah Walker and Byron Cage.
With all the acclamations he can take advantage of to boost his own career, Gauge prefers to be a man who helps unify the Christian Hip-Hop movement with his thoughtful, caring and Godly character. At the end of the day, if you ask any of Gauge’s colleagues or acquaintances about him, they will always describe him as “one humble dude”.
To learn more about Gauge and Mental Link, Inc. or for booking please Visit .
GAUGE’s music can be purchased at as well as these fine retailers: iTunes, AMAZON, RHAPSODY, SNOCAP, NAPSTER, and CDBABY.
Tara Francis 516-860-9572
Ruble Thomas 347-386-0271