Gauranga's House of Yoga

Gauranga's House of Yoga

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Yoga Sound Music that's both upbeat and meditative, complete with energetic Yoga Dance troupe and live music/percussion band.


Among the different meditation practices, the great saints and teachers have particularly recommended one: "repeating and listening to the sound of the Holy Names." This Yoga Sound meditation brings insight and strength that will help one to move forward spiritually, increasing relief from all kinds of problems and anxieties.

Gauranga's House of Yoga is both yoga sound and yoga dance. Presenting a higher form of entertainment that's spiritually uplifting for all ages, Gauranga's House of Yoga leaves audiences worldwide, continuously singing and dancing long after every performance.

Gauranga's House of Yoga is also available as roving musicians, also incorporating yoga and martial arts into our music presentations and demos.


"Nectar of Devotion" - 2003
Samadhi Entertainment, Inc.