My music is a refection of my life and observations of life in general. Subject matter varies but it’s mostly to do with people. The human element helps me communicate with the audience especially since I try to deal with universal themes.


I started playing guitar at about 13 with after being shown 3 chords by my Father. I dropped it for a couple of years because of the ‘boring’ songs he was forcing one me, but I took it up again once I found music that inspired me enough to imitate it. Nirvana was a major influence at the time as the music was so emotion, raw and well.. so damn easy to play! Other Grunge bands at the time like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were an influence also. Other favorites at the time were The Doors, Beck, The Beatles, R.E.M, Radiohead, which were very influential in whetting my musical taste buds.

I played in a couple of cover bands in school during which I became steered in the direction of songwriting as opposed to playing covers and became the principal songwriter. I thought I was great and destined for stardom. Listening back on some of the stuff we recorded I cant believe how delusional I was.

Around the age of 17 I stumbled across Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’. This opened up a whole new musical window for me which I felt at the time, was overdue. I suppose I mellowed somewhat, listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Dylan, Nick Drake, David Grey, Nina Simone and many more. I couldn’t get enough of music at that time.

When I got to college I started a new band, which took up a lot of my Design diploma time - but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Music took hold. I left College in 2000 and the band, which lasted three years, ended.

Since then I have played in about 4 different 2 acoustic pieces focusing primarily on original material. Around then I began to mold myself as a singer/songwriter over that period, and began playing solo gigs. Most paid gigs I played was as a covers act but since then I have moved towards the open mic side of things where I feel creative expression is encouraged.

I have created, what I feel to be an impressive set list of original tunes that I come to the stage with. I do have a few covers that I like to throw into the mix once in a while which appear from time to time.


Against the flow

Written By: Gav

Can’t feel his fingers or his toes from playing out in the cold,
Could’ve had a place to stay tonight but that guitar will never be sold,
You’ve heard him on the streets and you’ve seen his face around,
Walked past way past three on the way, he fills the air with sound,
On the way he fills the air with sound,

And he goes against the flow of everything and everyone that he know,
And it shows when he’s got a sound yeah he’d got a sound of his own.

So I talked to him the other day thought I’d lean a thing or two,
About the pictures his fingers paint and how does he do what he do,
He said, I do it for the love of it and not the love of all of you,
And I play the way my fingers play and not, how they're told to,
No no not, how they're told to.


And during the night he plays in my mind.. Al night,
Yeah.. I hope I don’t wake, who would want to shake the sounds he makes.



Written By: Gav


I'm so sick of seeing you under your parents roof,
Oh when, will you, move out?
You said pretty soon about a month ago,
But you, I know will be more,

But what they do has no barings on you,
Or what I'm thinking too,
Cause your affections pulls me in the direction to their door,
Well, watch me do it more.

When I stay at night we sleep in separate rooms
While I dream of you by my side,
Your Dad always gives me the third degree,
Says he'll break my knees if I stray,

But what they do has no barings on you,
Or what I'm dreaming too,
Cause your affections pulls me in the direction to their door,
Well, watch me do it more.

If you come and live, with me one day I'll make you smile and there's no denial
If you come and stay with me one day I'll make you smile, that's a promise not a lie

But what they do has no barings on you,
Or what I'm feeling too,
Cause your affections pulls me in the direction to your door,
Well, watch me do it more.

na na na na etc

No more talking on the phone or dropping round when I'm aloud (x2)

Thoughtless Condolance

Written By: Gav

Ceiling decends, Everything is clear.
Far from the smell, I can taste the fear.
What have I done, is it walk not run.
Don't turn around, no chewing gum.

Air is getting thin, walls roll in tight.
Ma, let me go can I go out tonight?
I see you stare from your safely safe view.
But he's not alone, it's you, you and you.

And every now and then the truth is white as sand.
Less a foreign shore but a common land.
Thoughtless condolance or might I just make it?
My load cries loud but I'm still trying to fake it.

Sunset, sunset. Can't recall the first kiss.
The life that I lived, the light that I miss.
Try not to think, confront it head on.
The turn of the tide, it still hasn't gone

Sing sing along, it should not be long.
Why, who asked you? No nothings wrong.
A could of smoke that I've grown to hate
I'm sick of the weight.... I'm tied to the weight.



Room no.3 10 track demo CD recorded with band in 2000. New solo CD coming out soon entitled 'Summer Music Carnival'. Cant wait? Neither can I!

Set List

CURRENT SET LIST (approx 1hr and a half)
Against the Flow
Pictures in the Sand
Thoughtless Condolence
All About You
High Time
The Streets are Halls
Last Night
Climbing the Walls
Summer Music Carnival
Put Up My Prices
Country Boy
Didn’t See You Coming