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Gavin Carfoot


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Written By: Gavin Carfoot

I remember how we used to be
It was like you were tied to me
Even through a crowded room we were connected

I remember knowing when you’d call
I could feel you from behind a wall
There was something in between us that was sacred

But now it’s like this house is holding us together
‘Till we fall apart

It’s like I’m staring at you through a sheet of glass
I never thought this moment would come to pass
When we just lie awake in our heartache
Wishing we were free
When we just lie awake for heaven’s sake
Staring through a sheet of glass

I remember how you looked at me
It was like we were meant to be
There was some way I could tell how you were feeling

I remember being close at night
Laying down with you and holding tight
I could feel our bodies floating through the ceiling

What do we do with love?
What do we do with all this heartache?