Gavin Castleton

Gavin Castleton


Gavin Castleton plays groove-thick composition-heavy music borne from Bjork, King Crimson, Brian Wilson, Radiohead, and Jeff Buckley. He recently performed on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, where they have been spinning his single "Hope is a Drug" (also featured as Today's Top Tune).


Gavin Castleton has been releasing albums independently since 1995, with several bands including Gruvis Malt, , and One Drop. He has produced a handful of records by other artists, made numerous guest appearances on records both foreign and domestic (he recently debuted in the UK with his collaboration with IK7 recording artist Stateless, the 7" inch �Window 23/Great White Whale�), and tinkered with various remixes (most recently, Myspace recording artist Meiko). He's won Best Electronica/DJ Act three years in a row in the Providence Phoenix, where he lived until this year when he moved to , OR.

From 2006 to 2007, Gavin Castleton released 4 unique solo recordings:

Grace Land: this full-length record features the first-person narrative of a very eccentric 32-year old Staple worker who is obsessed with Seinfeld, workplace minutia, and the confusing sexual policies of the girl he claims to be dating. The record was featured on NPR's Open Mic program.

Hospital Hymns: a five song narrative chronicling of a 76 year-old hospital stock room worker with a penchant for eccentric spirituality that makes his co-workers uncomfortable. "Hymn 2: Women's Care in E Flat Major" won Best Song in the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll in 2007.

A Bullet, A Lever, A Key: this seven song EP tells the story of his Gavin Castleton's future � from his presumed suicide in a RI hotel room in 2054 to present day 2007, in the backroom of a club just before he goes on stage. It is a reverse tragedy of sorts with a motivational message; think Momento meets The Fountainhead.

For the Love of Pete: a full length album of love songs. Though originally given to his girlfriend alone at various benchmarks of their time together, these 12 songs have been excavated to deliver an honest, warm and palpable cross section of the 6-year relationship. For the Love of Pete (with an additional import b-side "Scared Scared Scared") was released in Japan in November, 2009.

In early 2009, Five One Inc. released Gavin's most important record to date:

Home: this massive 14-song record is the breakup and the long process of recovering from it. Through the lense of a zombie epidemic, the listener is given a frighteningly intimate and beautiful look at how Gavin Castleton dealt with the heartbreak, complete with car chases, helicopters, and singing ladybugs.

He has performed at SXSW this year, and toured both coasts to support the release of Home. "Coffeelocks," a single from Home, has enjoyed constant airplay on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. Castleton also performed live on MBE.
Gavin just completed a 60 market tour of the US with his trio, two weeks of which were as support for Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, and Fun.



Written By: Gavin Castleton

She walked into the shop
and the windows broke,
the coffee crashing down
as this angel spoke

I might've survived if it weren't for her eyes
that were eating mine up
she wanted a job so I brought her the forms
with my eyes held shut

Was this love?
I wondered cause I'd never been
so absolutely Jello-ed by a girl

Was this love?
What other reason could there be
when such a little thing could break a world?

Was this love?
I knew that if she didn't get this job
then I would never know

Was this love?
so I told the boss that I would train her thoroughly
from head to toe

On that day
in my heart
a castle rose
a mansion fell apart

Love with us was such a waking up
warm and foggy as a coffee mug
a burning thing
full of steam
learning us

I walked into the shop
expecting nothing but “no's”
rubbed my bleary eyes
last night still on my clothes

Then I stopped in the door ‘cause I'd seen him before,
my tongue suddenly thick
but I needed a job so he brought me the forms
like a conjuring trick

Was this love?
This déjà vu was turned into a pinball
ringing in my tilted head

Was this love?
I couldn't understand how he had jumped offstage and landed here instead

Was this love?
so I case the place for inspiration on the walls
and then my coffee cup

Was this love?
as I tried to think of clever things to say
to make him look back up

On that day
in my head
movies played
of things he said,
constantly rewinding,
nothing there to remind me
that I don't believe in love

Love with us was such a waking up
warm and foggy as a coffee mug
strong at first
best served fresh
at its worst


1998 - Gruvis Malt - Cromagnetic (CD)
1999 - Gruvis Malt - Sound Soldiers (CD)
2000 - Gruvis Malt - Backout Smiling EP (CD)
2001 - Grüvis Malt - 3 Radio hits demo (CD)
2002 - Gruvis Malt - ...With the Spirit of a Traffic Jam 2003 - Vismal - Volume 1: A Correspondence Course in Best Friendship (CDR)
2003 - Sage Francis - Dead Poet Live Album (CD)
2004 - Gruvis Malt - Simon (CD)
2004 - Gavin Castleton - Hypotenuse (CD)
2004 - Gavin Castleton - Dark Age (CD)
2005 - Gavin Castleton / One Drop - FortNightShift EP (CD)
2005 - Sage Francis - Road Tested (CD)
2005 - Gruvis Malt - Maximum Unicorn (CD)
2005 - Vismal - Volume Zero: (CDR)
2006 - - Chase Scenes 1-14 (CDR)
2006 - Gavin Castleton & Cyrus Leddy - Grace Land (CD)
2007 - Gavin Castleton - Hospital Hymns EP (CD)
2007 - Gavin Castleton - A Bullet, A Lever, A Key EP (CD)
2007 - Gavin Castleton - For the Love of Pete (CD)
2008 - One Drop - Of Love and Ambition (Digital Release)
2008 - Ebu Gogo - Worlds (CD)
2008 - Stateless feat. Gavin Castleton - Window 23/The Great White Whale 7" (Vinyl)
2008 - Gavin Castleton - Unparallel Rabbits / Since 1968 Overclock Orchestra Remix" (mp3)
2009 - Gavin Castleton - Coffeelocks / Shell produced by Zach Lipkins" (mp3)
2009 - Gavin Castleton - Home (CD)

Set List

I usually play 40 minutes, occasionally a cover remix thrown in there. You can view live footage (including a looping remix of Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer) here: