Gavin Stephens

Gavin Stephens


A Eclectic mix of Funk/Rock/Pop/Jazz/Contemporary and Experimental songs & instrumentals. All drawing from a plethora of styles, genres, decades and originality.From Sexy Funk to Blue Ballads, From infectious Pop to emotive Soundtracks. All home grown and nurtured to set sail on The "Ocean Of Tunes"


Gavin Stephens and the other artists on "" are writers. The material is collated for release for the main aim of having it published for the inclusion in Tv/Film and performed by other Named artists.
The influences of the Artists on Ocean Of Tunes, are far to long to bore you with. but Here are a few:
Prince/Brian Wilson/Scott Walker/Syd Barrett/Miles Davis/Van Morrison/Burt Bacharach and Hal David/Serge Gainsbourg/David Byrne/Bille Holliday........I could go on all day.


"Swings & Roundabouts" by "Roain'Greedients" (aka "Knight & Stephens) (2005) as played on BBC Radio 2006/2007
"The Sutton Lane Suite" by "Knight & Stephens" (2006)
"Oriental Elements" by Gavin Stephens (2006)
"Songs For Other Singers" by "Knight & Stephens"(2006)
"Songs For Other Singers Vol.2" by "Knight & Stephens (2007)
"I Can't Believe I'm Not Buddha" by Fred & Gavin Stephens (2006)
"Rock Chocolate" by Gavin Stephens (2007) as played on "" (A Funk Above The Rest with Skip 'The Funktologist' Reeves) and "The Upper Room with Joe Kelly"

Set List

All of the Material produced is designed for other Named Artists to perform or for the inclusion in TV/Film to gain publishing. Non of this material is performed live.