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Gayle Cloud

Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"Courage to Love"

Courage to Love has won the Garageband World Fusion Track of the week for October 16, 2006. Only 52 songs a year are selected. It has also been the Reviewers' Pick for four weeks running (Sept, Oct 2006) for best female vocals, best production, best lyrics, best melody, best beat, best mood and best drums.

Reviewers comments:
“Beautiful song, I loved the haunting and emotive female vocals here. The piano playing is very beautiful and the percussion adds to the chilly feel of the track. This is very beautiful music: expressive, heartfelt and reflective. I loved this.”

“Very sophisticated composition with beautiful vocals. The sounds have been chosen wisely. Nothing is over or underdone. Everything harmonizes perfectly.”

“Her (Gayle Cloud’s) voice seems to be able to warm up enemy hearts. Perfect sound support.”

“This one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. The vocals and the beat are so complete. You have made this world a better place. Thank you!”
- Garageband Contest Reviews

"Radio Station Reviews"

Martin Wright, Radio 3ZZZ, Australia, 4-19-06: "I never approach a CD that is entirely the artist's own compositions with much confidence but occasionally am proved wrong; in this case very wrong. A mixture of tight well constructed numbers showing many influences. A credit to Gayle and her team. Highly recommended for airplay and just
damn good listening.

Vasja Ivanovski, 94.1 FM RADIO 2, Macedonia, June 16 2006
Gayle's beautiful voice perfectly wraps up stories of human relationship, fine collection of material with a band doing excellent job! There are plenty of gems in this collection of radio friendly material which should bring Gayle more recognition within all fans of good music. Currently this is our favorite release.

Mark Robinson, GeorgeFM, New Zealand, June 2006
This (Second Chance) is a beautiful CD. Great tunes, well produced and wonderful vocals.

Jeffrey Gill, Troubadour 1700 AM, Connecticut, June 13 2006
One of the best releases received this spring.

Zeitgeist, reflections of the underground, United Kingdom May 2006
The word sultry was probably invented to describe the voice of Gayle Cloud, who began her performing life as a jazz singer based in Paris before discovering the rhythms of African music and channeling it into her own delicate compositions. This is a delightful, generally introspective release.

Michael Criddle, Triple H-FM, Australia, 4-15-06: "What a great sound you have, I have played several of your tracks to date and plan to schedule more in future programs. Your lyrics have such wonderful meaning to them... You appear to have experienced many levels of life and have expressed them in a way that would reach many people."

JOSEP PALMADA RED HOT BLUES RADIO VILAFANT SPAIN. "I like the cd very much. I will present it as innovation inside my program. I have found it a very interesting and quality CD."

Alex Pijnenn, BRTO Radio, Netherlands
"Fantastic Album. Great stuff for our Radio Station"

- RadiodirectX

"Caffeine High"

Jazzy percussion
Upright jazzy bass to kick things off along with some Salsa/Bossa Nova percussion. The rhythm is very upbeat which compliments the subject matter of the lyrics. The piano and lead vocal performance are amazing. The production is very good, all instruments are loud, clear and present. The lyrics are about caffeine and it's effects on a person's day... very creative lyric writing. Caffeine is something we don't hear much about as a topic for song lyrics... quite original. Overall, a job well done by everyone who is involved.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics, Mood, Originality.

I never would of thought it would have been possible to make a song as good as this one is about beind doped up on caffene. Had me laughing for a bit. The vocals are great and so is the melody. Great Song.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals

Caffeine High- Fantastic
First up- Great track, love the up front vocals and mix, and the sort of bent arrangement
(keyboard grooves) the live crowd, is a nice addition, Coffee high, a really aproachable track, we all know what you mean.
Love it well done, a bit of tongue in cheek, and a sense of humour, should be more of it!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Production, Lyrics, Beat, Mood, Originality, Best Feel Good Track.
- Garageband

"Many Waters 2010 CD Review"

Genre(s): Ambient, Americana, Blues, Contemporary, Downtempo, Electronica, Folk, New Age music, Pop music, Singer-Songwriter, Trip-hop, World music

After Punxatawny Phil proclaimed another six long weeks of winter this Groundhog Day, it was evident that we needed a little something to help us forget about the colder months of this new year, and jet forward—without the treading of water slowing us down. Gayle Cloud's 2010 self-released sophomore libation, Many Waters, is the perfect vessel, propelling the listener forward in style and comfort the entire way through.

Beginning with sounds of water, soothing synth pads, haunting cymbal rushes and layers and layers of world percussion, “Many Waters” goes even further—with an amassment of strings and vocals combining to form a sound that swells like waves and embodies a majesty comparable to that of mountains meeting the ocean.

The masterful production (John Pahmer), artistry and songwriting of “Golden Wings” is reason enough to pick up a copy of Many Waters, and as the positive world-influenced vibrations ascend straight to the sky, Gayle’s ethereal and otherworldly vocals pierce the listener straight through the heart.

As Many Waters moves forward, elements of Americana, Blues, Downtempo, Electronica and Pop manifest themselves into the listener’s stream of consciousness and then “Turn Around Loverboy” hits the unsuspecting listener with a bolt of lightning and thunder clap. Organ, electric guitar, drum loops and a once-in-a-lifetime vocal offering from Gayle meld together in a grungy electronic melting pot that comes out sounding more like Massive Attack or Portishead. This is *definitely* a track that you would hear on the BBC! Think Trip-Hop + the “darker” side of love.

As Gayle brings the listener down from the clouds and back to sea level, Many Waters closes with the rich and lyrically affluent piece titled, “Open To Love”. Boasting lyrics as well-crafted as, “in the light of an opal moon / salty breezes start to bloom”, it is easy to perceive that Gayle and her music is deeply connected within nature, intellect, being, and love.

“It is clearly evident that Gayle Cloud is a true master of her craft.” –Brian Ball, Music Editor - Brian Ball, WomensRadio


Many Waters, 2010
Second Chance, 2006



Gayle Cloud is an award-winning singer/songwriter based in Seattle.

Working with a mélange of genres and international influences, Gayle's lush melodies, sensual "world" rhythms and rich vocals create a fresh sound with an emotional appeal. Given the emotive quality of her work, Gayle’s songs are ideally suited for film, television and new media projects. As a prolific songwriter, she continues to introduce new and compelling music at her live shows.

Gayle debuted as a performing artist in Paris where she attracted a devoted audience over the five years she lived in Europe. She then moved to New York City for several years where she played with some of city's finest musicians in venues such as CBGB Gallery and the Cutting Room. Even though Gayle returned to her beautiful hometown of Seattle a few years ago, she continues to be bi-coastal, producing and performing on both coasts.

Gayle has just released, “Many Waters,” her second self-published CD of original work. Produced and arranged by the multi-talented John Pahmer in NYC, this is Gayle and John's second collaborative CD project. With vocals and some piano by Gayle, John played a myriad of instruments on the CD. Other featured NY musicians include Paul Livant, Joe Bonadio, Mat Fieldes, Lucy Morganstern and Benny Landa.

Her previous CD, “Second Chance,” received worldwide radio and internet airplay and was awarded the WomensRadio 2007 No.1 Music Review Award in the singer/songwriter category. Gayle’s “Talaky” song garnered a 2006 “Honorable Mention” from the London-based artist development group, ‘We are Listening.’

Gayle is a member of the talent teams of Los-Angeles based Gotham Records and Seattle-based Audiosocket, both music-licensing agencies that connect independent artists and talent buyers for placement in film and television.

A musician since age nine, Gayle has played a host of instruments throughout her life, including the piano, guitar, flute and percussion. The keyboard is now her instrument of choice when composing and performing.

Born in Chicago, Gayle spent most of her adult life in Seattle before moving to Europe and New York City


“People often say to me, it seems a bit crazy to see a ‘white American girl’ using so many world influences, yet it seems so natural! And for me the international musical influences have become a part of my soul and who I am. I have always been curious about other cultures and have traveled quite a bit.

While I now focus on my original work, I started my performing career in Paris on the petite stage of the Paris Aller/Retour as a jazz singer. I was asked to perform the club's final show when it was forced to give up its lease to a higher rent cigar shop. Needing a place for me and my band to play, I invited groups of friends and growing fans to climb the 96 steps to my loft apartment in the Marais district for a number of intimate ‘salon’ shows. I have so many fond memories of those gatherings—having the opportunity to play with artists from diverse cultures!

One day as I was walking around my quartier, I spied a new Senegalese club still under construction. I fell in love with Jokko's ambience. Even though I was not the genre of performer they were looking for, an impromptu performance with an African musician landed me a regular gig. I later discovered that the club was co-owned by the celebrated Senegalese musician Youssou N'Dour when he attended one of my shows. This was a magical time for me and I became fascinated with world music. I then began to incorporate world and euro rhythms and influences into my own work.

John Pahmer has been the perfect production and musical partner for both CDs. He is so gifted and seems to magically understand what I am envisioning and feeling for each piece of music. We’ve been able to travel the world through this body of work!”