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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Pop Rock


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Imagine yourself a mix between Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Susanna Hoffs and Shawn Colvin and we’re quite near the carpark of Gayle Day’s music. The 11 track long album is a solid piece of work even if you can’t compare it to the debut album of Sheryl or the best works of Shawn.
But what the hell can… The opening “Coasting” is one example and fourth out “Won’t Apologize” with a big Susanna Hoffs vibe another (lovely refrain and would probably had been a hit with Susanna).
If you need some new stuff in this genre Gayle’s music is well worth your attention, and I’m sure that we will hear much more of her in the future as well. Bravo.

- par winberg

"Music Connection"

Singer/songwriter Gayle Day has an appealing voice and material that can be slick and catchy (like the sunny pop confection “Coasting”) as well as complex and rich, (such as the breathy ballad “Hotel Room”). “Audrey Smile” invokes the image of classic Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn in an observant, bittersweet song. Overall, this artist had us thinking of Natalie Imbruglia and other sweet-voiced females, and this six-footer’s good looks are a bonus. - Music Connection



Gayle Day
"Beautiful Dangerous"
(Littleyap Music,2008)

Producer: Various
Style: Singer Songwriter Rock (Female)
Format: Album
Reviewed by: Pär Winberg

I wrote a review of Gayles last album a few years back and compared here to Susanna Hoffs, Sheryl Crew and Melissa Etheridge. I gave her 3 good stars for that album. and on this - her new album she continues exactly in the same track. And it's even better. There are a bunch of 4 shining star tracks on here like second out "Under The Tree" which is a pearl, the softer titletrack "Beautiful Dangerous" with a lovely atmosphere and the also atmospheric "Take Flight", a song which she have written together with legendary Larry John McNally. Just a thing like that. There are a few too many "in the middle" tracks to give this album four stars BUT she is close cause when she's delivers at her best it's really great. - PAR WINBERG/MELODIC.NET


Gayle Day
" Freedom Paradise "
Genre: pop
reviewed by Annette Warner

Sweet, meaningful sound and honeyfied vocals make this CD worth every minute of listening pleasure. I totally enjoyed the light and airy sound which blends well with a breezy summer day….Love it : )

- Copyright © 2005

"Have you heard:"

Have you Heard: Gayle Day Beautiful Dangerous
by Ashley Okonma

Gayle Day’s recently released CD, Beautiful Dangerous is a euphonious blend of strength, freedom, and unwavering love. I recently had the pleasure of hearing Gayle perform live at her CD release party in Beverly Hills. Her Amazonian appearance (she is tall and stunning) and enlightening presence commands as much attention as her CD does.

Her first single, “Don’t Forget to Live It,” mixes the smooth sounds of acoustic guitar and her soothing voice. She sings about not taking life for granted by releasing fears and holding onto to the beauty of life. “Life’s too short, a gift that we’re given,” she sings. “I don’t wanna forget to live it.”

The song “Right Where We Ought to Be,” is harmoniously picked up by Day’s softened vocals that create a serene ambience for its fortunate listeners. It is reminiscent of Alanis Morrisette, but much more euphoric. The guitar releases an edge to the song that keeps bodies swaying in unison on the dance floor. The lyrics present a positive message about destiny and accepting where we are in life as she sings.

My favorite track on the album is “Take Flight,” which encompasses a funky blend of piano and cello. In this song she speaks about a rendezvous with a secret distant lover. The music for the song sets up a mood that is sensual yet composed. It fuses melodious music with a melancholy message.

That Girl Says: Like It! Gayle Day offers a beautifully constructed presence on her CD. Her lyrics relish on the reality of life and bask in the power of the music. Her tender, yet calming voice is beautifully tied into every song and presenting it delicately crafted. Beautiful Dangerous is a CD that soothes the souls and appeases the ears.

For more information about Gayle Day, visit -


"Coasting' being played on
indie 104.1 iradiola (chicago) (radio Japan)
& all songs from Freedom Paradise, being played on (Australia) (Greece) (Rochester NY)
979 FM Melbourne, Australia,
Galaxie Radio, Ontario, Canada
Fm Sanda, (honey Fm) Japan
on tune inc, tokyo, Japan
North Wave,Japan
Fm Nagano, Japan

Song 'Alone' on 'Dante's Criterion
released 09

Title song on the movie 'Wannabe'
written by Gayle Day & Mike Schmid
performed by Gayle Day

Song 'Naked ' written by (G.Day/Great Dane/S.Mcenerney) in Movie "The Dead Girl"
(Josh Brolin,Toni Colette,Brittany Murphy)
coming in 07 performed by Gayle Day

"put up with me'
on Mtv Reality Show
'Curl Girls' 2007

"I'll take my chances'
The Hills (MTV) 2007
Performed by Alissa Moreno

'2nd Chance'
The Hills (MTV) 2007
Performed by Nikki Saletta

'On the Run' (vocals)(Alex Perls/Wellenrausch) Spacepark rec(Netherlands)

'In the way'(vocals)(Alex Perls, dj session 1) Blutonium Records(Germany)

'By The Sea"co-write and vocals (Euphoria) 6 degrees Records(USA)



Vegan Activist and Singer/Songwriter Gayle Day is no stranger to the "Beautiful Dangerous", the name of her second self-produced album featuring songs co-written by Andrea Remanda (Bryan Adams), Kavana, and Larry J. McNally (The Eagles).

Raised in Hertfordshire, a London suburb, Day grew up in a house filled with music. Her father, also a musician, founded a group that was signed to Decca Records and toured with artists like Dusty Springfield. In the late 90's Day performed with her all girl band Delicious, touring The UK and appearing on various tv shows and other press outlets. In 2001 just days before September 11th Day made a move to New York City to venture as a solo performer. In 2003 her journey led her to Los Angeles, California where she and a collective group of other singer/songwriters founded a DIY independent licensing company pitching their orginal music to various films and tv shows which is still thriving today. Some of Day's placements include The Hills, Curl Girls, and feature film The Dead Girl (Toni Collette & Brittney Murphy).

Still based in Los Angeles Gayle Day has played modern historic venues such as The Hotel Cafe, The Mint and Genghis Cohen, which have become staples to the local singer/songwriter community. Not only is she a performer but she's a producer too. In 2007 Day co-produced the first Los Angeles Women's Music Festival featuring over 50 artists on 5 stages.

Keep on the look out as Day is currently developing her third album, co-hosting/producing a podcast called The Daylee Show with Elieen Lee featuring various musical guests and current affairs. and gearing up for a West Coast tour this summer. Whether solo or full band Gayle Day's songs are so warm and honest with the most sublime vocals you can imagine.