The Gazetteers

The Gazetteers


Left-handed pop songs, in every sense of the phrase.


The Gazetteers are based in Albany, New York (Frank and Andrea) and Brooklyn (everyone else). First conceived when Frank met Steve at Rob and Jeannine's wedding several years back, they have released one album, Territory Songs, on Portland's Magic Marker records and have just finished recording a second.

The first album was intended as a project to write a song based in each of the states and territories, an undertaking not unique in the annals of indie music (most recently being undertaken, sort of, by Sufjan Stevens). Although uniquely in the annals of indie music, Frank does hold a Ph.D. in geography.

But rather than wait for nearly 60 songs to come together, the band recorded the first 15, which were whittled down into Territory Songs. Some of the tracks address historically and geographically specific topics (Denmark's sale of the Virgin Islands, the Japanese soldier who hid in the Guam jungle for 30 years after WWII ended) but most concern the everyday (an argument about the merits of vacationing in Maine, strained long-distance relationships, the urgent need to flee Florida).

The tunes are snappy, spare, three-minute affairs, with droll and deadpan lyrics, filled with odd and unexpected production touches courtesy of Rob and Steve. Not entirely unlike They Might Be Giants (indeed, John L. himself once released an album of state songs), and we daresay more amusing.

Andrea is an outstanding baker and live shows routinely feature her delicious cupcakes, which go well with any beer.

Given their separate locales, the full band is not always available for each performance, and Frank and Andrea often perform as a duo, particularly in upstate NY. Frank also plays the very-occasional solo set.

Other stated influences: The Magnetic Fields, The Kinks, Smog, bubblegum, one-hit wonders, karaoke.


More People Should Resign

Written By: The Frank Boscoes

When the indictment has been handed down
When a mob has gathered outside
When your star recruit has posted bail
When your name's become a punch line
Once great sums of capital have been squandered by your design
These are good times to resign
Very good times to resign

When you're being burned in effigy
When you're in need of a disguise
When all your closest confidants have agreed to testify
Once the incriminating documents have been posted online
These are good times to resign
Very good times to resign
History will be more kind
To those bright enough to resign

When members from both sides of the aisle are demanding an investigation
Just remember those three little words: accept my resignation


Territory Songs - Magic Marker, 2002. Cracked the US college radio charts.

Frank previously released a half-dozen albums and numerous singles between 1990-2002 in Wimp Factor 14 and Vehicle Flips. Jeannine and Rob also play in The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers and Stick Insect. Steve plays in Christmas Decorations.

Set List

Sample song titles:

Lost at Sea
Steel Cube Sculpture
Trapped Inside a Skill Crane
More People Should Resign
The Seattle Windshield Pitting Epidemic of 1954
The Poyaisian Peerage Scam of 1823