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The best kept secret in music


"Top 10 Albums of 2000"

Gazz named one of Ada Guerin's Top 10 Albums of 2000 (right behing David Bowie). - Mean Street Magazine (Ada Guerin)

"Gazz - Album Review"

"Gazz is one of those modern rock bands that tends to stand out from the crowd a little more than most. The music has a punk like attitude with a melodic alternative pop sound and style. The songwriting is excellent on this album, and the vocals give it that extra punch. Gazz is a band that isn't afraid to experiment a little with their sound. That is just one of the appealing aspects of this trio. There is a familiar vibe with the music,
but the originality of the overall grooves are completely true to this band and this band only." - Michael

The Rundown
Sound Quality: 5 stars
Production: 5 stars
Musicianship: 4 stars
Originality: 3 stars
Over All: 4 stars


"Gazz - Album Review"

" There's a nice feel to this band, with especially resonant, relaxed vocals that make some of the quite raucous efforts easy on the ear. Like a high-spirited Sebadoh, there's an optimistic tinge to many of the songs which belies their other alt-rock reference
points (think also Flaming Lips). There's not a bad track out of the ten selections (I can even dig the sloppy fun punk of 'Always Wrong', which brings to mind a cocktail bar version of the Ramones). The best cuts include "I'm Okay', the punchy 'High On Faith' with its
overdriven guitars, the 'you wanted it, you got it' pop confessional that is 'Libertine' and the haunting 'Porn Queen', sung by bass player Angie. 'Though she is gone now, she'll go down on history'. Cracking line. And
'Almost' segues into 'Rock Star', one of the most affecting yet simple
passages of music I've heard in ages. Only downside - being from Los Angeles, they probably didn't realise how daft their name sounds over here, and more especially, if their records make it into the stores, they'll have to sit next to 'Fog On The Tyne' and 'Gazza Rap'.".

- Alex Ogg - Live U.K.

"GAZZ - Live @ The Troubadour"

"This band is full of passion, vivacity, good looks, good - no GREAT music and outstanding energy!"
"Jimmy is a born rockstar. His personality sucks you in like a giant magnet. Angie's got an angelic voice and the whole female rockstar thing down pat...and the drummer commands the audience to listen!"
"Gazz is, and are bound to be , more than just a "bar band"." - - LIVE Magazine

"GAZZ - KXLU Band Of Distinction"

"As the creator of America's Only Rock and Roll Radio Show, I get a lot of free records sent my way...most of the time, I get what I pay for. Not so with GAZZ. When I popped the disc into my player, it wasn't long before I added them to this list (Band Of Distinction Award Winners)...glammy hooked filled pop without the lame glam rock for happy sexy mutants."
- Reverend Dan (KXLU)

"Gazz - Album Review by Nirvana Producer Jack Endino"

"9 out of 10", "This is really good!", says Producer Jack Endino (of Nirvana, Soundgarden & Mudhoney fame) of the Gazz song "I'm Okay" -
- Producer's Forum


Gazz - LP

Crawl - EP

Covers EP

Dear Mr. President - EP


"Crawl" airs on Indie 103.1’s "Check One…Two”

"Dear Mr. President" airs on Indie 103.1’s“Dead Air”

“Crawl” KXLU's (Los Angeles, CA)

"I'm Okay" KFLI “The Fly” 90.5 FM (Prescott, AZ)

“Gardenia” and “I’m okay” WHJE 91.3FM (Carmel, IN)


“Dear Mr. President” airs/In Studio appearance on Hunneypot Radio (

“Crawl” video airs/In Studio Appearance on “The Irregular Show” (

“Crawl”and “Gatsby” in Musolist’s Los Angeles Top 10 for 46 weeks

“I’m Okay” KnotRadio.Org in Arizona

“Sex G” finishes #24 in the alternative charts @ after topping at #8 out of 14,278 (all-time: #1,122 of 19,107 in Alternative)

"Im Okay" finishes at # 32 in pop/rock charts @ after topping at #9 out of 15,879 (all-time: #1,765 of 21,829 in Pop/Rock)

"Always Wrong" and "Porn Queen" TONOS weekly radio show


“Feel” (End Credits) and “Crawl” appear in "Wedding Slashers", a full length feature film by Dave Payne

“Sex G” appears in “Reeker”, a full length feature film by Dave Payne

"I'm Okay" (End credits) of an as yet untitled independent feature film written and directed by Steve Valley

"Libertine"off of Gazz's debut album is featured in a motion picture entitled, "Too Smooth", directed by Dean Paras, starring Neve Campbell and Rebecca Gayheart.


"Crawl" is featured on CW Network's Girlfriends (episode: "Hustle and Flow") along with appearance by band

MTV producers Murray/Bunim license several songs from the gazz catalog for "The Real World", "Road Rules" and VH1's "Band On The Run" shows.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Licensed, Published and Going All The Way!

A marriage of indie rock sensibility with arena rock appeal. Friendship and a passion for music is at the root of the creative chemistry evident in this band. Gazz are a Los Angeles based trio who have been steadily making a name for themselves internationally as well as on the local scene. They are just as well known for their music and dynamic live shows as they are for their cutting edge (and always imitated) approach to promoting themselves and the music they make.

Gazz have a sound that is all at once familiar and fresh. That, coupled with the presence to fill up a stage and capture any crowd, this band (along with their music) is destined for greatness.

With full range of emotion, intimate vocals and melodic hooks that won’t let go, alluringly quiet and infectiously loud, they are unabashedly rock, hauntingly moody, unapologetically pop, and always absolutely honest in their delivery of well crafted, ultra-melodic and highly memorable songs that give voice to thoughts that we’ve all had, feelings we’ve all felt and dreams that we’ve all dreamt.

Gazz are much bigger than the stages they grace and well on their way to a future with no limits.