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Who is G-BASE? A C.EO , a artist/producer,hustla and witty business man coming from the streets to the stage with what he calls crunk music with a gangsta twist a new sound for your ears bringing new life to the music industry.


G-Base was born and raised in the Kerr Village housing projects in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma were he patterned his edgee street style some call crunk music with a gangsta twist. With his soon to be released 4th independent album "Blowin' Smoke" he is no stranger to the game and has graced the stage with such artist as lil flip,slim thugg,bizzy bone,ugk & c-bo delivering a top notch stage performance known to capture the crowd with his catchy hooks and bass driven beats sought after by many artist on the underground scene in Oklahoma and around the southwest and midwest regions.G-base continues to get it in the streets selling over 10,000 copies and counting of his album Southside holdin'(the re-up) without television or radio building momentum with raw street hustle on a mission to change the game by taking the music straight to the clubs, hoods, traps and ghettos were he was inspired to create his style of music including the whole state of Oklahoma in the movement as he mashes on a woldwide hustle for the cash.


My albums i have realesed: southside holdin, worldwide hustle, hustlin to get it and coming soon blowin smoke early next year(2008)

I have featured or produced music on these albums: the streets is talkin vol 2(s.b the grindaholik)cowboy hall of fame(blunt 1)state of emergency(s.b the grindaholik)