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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"G. Battles Calls On Rick Ross & Spice 1 To Round Out "Rolls Royce""

Bay Area rapper G. Battles is readying his forthcoming release First Draft Pick, and to prove that he means business, he tapped Spice 1 and Rick Ross to assist him on his single, "Rolls Royce." The emcees don luxury suits while showing off expensive whips and making themselves comfortable at an extravagantly decorated home. They each flex their boss move statuses, but when it comes to breaking bread together, Rick Ross takes the seat at the head of the table.

“Coming up in poverty, my only aspiration was to become successful so I would never want for anything," Battles reportedly said. "This song was written to manifest greatness in my own life and to show others that they can do the same thing too." Check out "Rolls Royce" and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

First draft pick, I'm the critics choice
I remember Bishop Don Juan in that green and gold thang
Motivated a young nigga to set some goals mayne. - Hot New Hip Hop

"G. Battles unleashes Mind of a Champion"

G. Battles has been through hell and back, and you can hear it in his music. Following last year’s release where the West Coast rapper tapped Rick Ross and Splice 1 in “Rolls Royce,” the rising MC releases his brand new single titled “Mind of a Campion.”

The new single is inspired directly by the adversities he’s faced as a young, black rapper. “Mind of a Champion” is produced by Brockett Parsons who plays piano for Lady Gaga, with features from singer Aloe Joel and Storm from Tupac’s Outlaw Immortal group.

The latter means the most to G who has always looked up to Tupac when it comes to his rhymes and stature.

In an exclusive quote to AllHipHop, G. Battles states, “I want them to know that your mindstate can often determine your outcome. In order to overcome any obstacle, you have to see yourself already victorious. This song is to motivate people to find greatness within themselves, especially in these current times we’re living in.“

The new single is relatable on all fronts, speaking volumes to overcoming struggles and achieving success, while boasting positivity and self-confidence. - All Hip Hop

"G. Battles – Only We Know (Official Music Video)"

Oakland’s @G_Battles just dropped this new slapper “Only We Know” off his album The Dogg Star. Directed by Mikel Cole (Das 1 on 1 TV), “Only We Know” was filmed in West Hollywood on 420. In this visual Battles is swagged out in Hollywood with the ladies along with a cameo from Bay Area Rap Legend Rappin’ 4-Tay.

Download “Only We Know” and G. Battles new album The Dogg Star here at:

G. Battles
https://www.facebook.com/GBattlesMusic/ - Siccness

"G. Battles – “The Dogg Star” Album (Review)"

G. Battles is one artist who has finally put some smiles on our face in 2016, especially reppin the bay! With his latest album release “The Dogg Star” he had been able to grab a hold of every listener who comes across this project. His flow, original delivery, cadence and Hip Hop knowledge is on an extreme high level. Every song on this album has CAR BUMPING potential. Oakland Hip Hop and its history is really important when it comes to real Hip Hop and we are glad we came across G. Battles, he holds it down to Oak Town and reps it proudly.
Lets get into the project. Right from the beginning with track 1 “Dogg Star” he delivers a wonderful introduction then going to track 4 “Alive & Dangerous” where you can clearly hear his raw talent and story-telling ability. Street cred and knowledge is another factor that this album embraces. Another track that really got me excited was “You Really Wanna Be“. Overall this project is for all Hip Hop fans. Bay area Hip Hop has possibly founds its new artist that will hit the top. Please download this project today! You will not regret it!
ATTENTION!! >>> EVERYONE MUST CHECK OUT TRACK #12 Something You’ll Never Be - Underground Hip Hop Blog

"G. Battles – The Dogg Star (Review)"

Battles may reside in Las Vegas but you can hear a heavy Bay Area influence in his music. If you enjoy that West Coast beats influenced Mac Dre and other Bay Area Rappers than this is perfect for you. “Down 4 Whatever” is one of my favorite tracks on the LP. The beat is dope, makes you want to get up and dance. This is a song that I can hear in clubs across America. G. Battles also show versatility on the album with songs like, "Fly AZ." Slower tempo more focused on the message of the song. Another track that I really vibed with was, "Villianz." G. Battles flow on the beat is dope, and the instrumental is straight fire. The song titled, “Mobby” also has potential to be a song played in the club especially on the West Coast. Overall G. Battles showed me a lot of potential with this tape. One of the last songs, Something You'll Never Be" is a hard track with a tough beat. I'm interested to see what G. Battles has in store next.

G. Battles is a hip hop artist and songwriter now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada who grew up in the streets of Oakland, California. The struggles and experiences he endured during his youth birthed his brand and mantra, Blak Hart.It is a reflection of the times in his community and the state of mind of the youth in his generation. G. Battles encompasses a West Coast sound influenced by the Bay Area that at the same time is diverse enough to appeal to a wide demographic of listeners. His music has been featured on 106.1 KMEL, 88.1 KCEP, University of California Santa Cruz's 88.1 KZSC, Pandora and the California Music Channel. His music has been licensed on television shows for the CW and Showtime such as One Tree Hill, Parenthood, Necessary Roughness, Shameless and the film The Hot Flashes. As an actor, he recently landed a cameo playing a journalist during a press conference scene in the critically acclaimed NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton. G. Battles has toured opening with Rappin' 4-Tay and collaborated with artist such as Spice1, Snoop Dogg, LoveRance, Mandy Ventrice, Rayven Justice, AG Cubano, Mac Lucci and The High Decibels.

Tell us about this project.
Oakland Ca, Rapper G. Battles is back with a new album titled "THE DOGG STAR"!! This album is filled with 13 slappers for all the gangsta's and playaz out there. Guest features include Aloe Jo'el, son of the late great Nate Dogg; Lil' Nate Dogg, and the original West Coast Villanz, Bozzle and Chief Mainy. With production from MD Traxx Beats, Swisha Beatz, Cal 1, IQP-AR15 and Keem Beats, "THE DOGG STAR" is sure to keep your heads ringing!

Watch G. Battles latest music video "Dogg Star" off his new album The Dogg Star:

Download "The Dogg Star" for free with an exchange of your email here at:

Support the cause and purchase your copy of The Dogg Star on Amazon:

https://twitter.com/g_battles - Indie Nation Blog

"G. Battles - The Dogg Star (Album)"

@g_battles is back with a new album titled The Dogg Starr. The album is filled with 13 slaps for all the gangsters and players out there. Guest features include Aloe Jo'el, Lil' Nate Dogg, son of the late great Nate Dogg and the original West Coast Villainz: Bozzle and Chief Mainy. With production from MD Traxx Beats, Swisha Beatz, Cal 1, IQP-AR15 and Keem Beats.

Catch The Dogg Star, G. Battles performing live as an opener during the East 2 West Fest with Tha Dogg Pound and M.O.B.B Deep this friday 3.25.16 in Modesto at The Fat Cat Music House And Lounge! (Promoted) - Thizzler

"G. Battles - Dogg Star (Music Video)"

@G_Battles lets go of this new music video for the intro track from his new album The Dogg Star. Battles is solo in the visual counting his money and chilling in front of an all white backdrop in an an all white outfit. It's fresh. Check out the Klluminati Photography directed visual above. (Promoted) - Thizzler

"DJ Ghost presents: Snoop Dogg x Rappin' 4-Tay x G. Battles - Ride With The Rhythm (Exclusive)"

@SnoopDogg @Rappin_4tay @G_Battles @IMDJGHOST have a treat for us in the old school vibe inducing "Ride The Rhythm". Check out this solid West Coast cut above! - Thizzler

"G. Battles ft. Sean Cole (Nuttso Outlaw) - Papers (Music Video)"

The homie @G_Battles spits that real ish with @NuttSoOutlaw of 2Pac's Outlawz for this new video! Grab it below on G's Underground Legend album! (Sponsored) - Thizzler

"Rappin 4Tay, G. Battles release tribute to Oakland legend The Jacka"

Dominick Newton, better known to fans as The Jacka, was an Oakland native. He was gunned down on 94th Avenue in Oakland in February 2015.

“Jacka was like a lil bro to me, just like 2Pac. Now he’s up in a better place, with him,” said Rappin 4Tay.

The Jacka's death was one in a long line of tragedies for 4Tay, and for Oakland rapper G. Battles. They joined forces and on April 2, released “Quick N Da Dead” in tribute.

“Quick N Da Dead was inspired by loved ones whose lives were taken too soon by senseless acts of violence. It was written the night my friend, Bay Area hip hop artist The Jacka was murdered, another brother was taken too soon in the vicious cycle I've known and grown up with in the streets of Oakland. I believe 2Pac's energy played a large role in the song. I had just left his Hall of Fame.,” said G. Battles.

Iconic Bay Area legend Rappin' 4-Tay, who was 2Pac’s contemporary and appeared on “Only God Can Judge Me” heard the G. Battles song "The Last Ones" and was moved to put a verse on it.

“G Battles reminds me of myself in many ways. He has that craft down, packed with versatility, practices perfection and has been through some things the average couldn’t handle, and is more like a messenger from one generation to the next. I’m proud of him,” said Rappin 4Tay.

G. Battles hopes the future will be different from the past, and the music scene in Oakland becomes the path out of violence and tragedy for himself and other local artists.

“If we could stop all of the violence or at the least keep it away from the performance venues the hip hop scene could flourish. I do love Hiero Day and I wish we could have more events like that, where the art unifies the people. I feel the time is now for substance to be pushed back to the forefront of music in general, and what better place than Oakland to show case substance and realness?” - Examiner

"G. Battles Ft. London & Lalin St. Juste - Nobody [Unsigned Artist]"

Directed by David Weber / Kstar
Download G. Battles New Album "GB3" on itunes:
Directed by David Weber / Kstar
BlakHartMusic - WorldStarHipHop

"WMATT brings you G. Battles first full interview, courtesy of Pepe Gil."

My first encounter with G. Battles was roughly one year ago, when I was interviewing an eclectic group of musicians named Dynamic Truth. G. Battles is the rapper of the Oakland based band that represents a diverse sound that contains roots in virtually every aspect of music. The moment that Mr. Battles first spoke I could immediately feel his passion: He strives for something greater for his community while remaining true to his ideologies and the place that he was raised, which goes much further beyond making music. After recently being in communication with G. Battles and really getting into what his endeavors consist of I’m absolutely confident when I say that this young man is going places. His ambition, work ethic, and background create the absolutely deadly combination of a young star. If you haven’t already heard of him, stay on the look out my friends. The day he and I met up in front of a Starbucks I left our interview feeling energized and excited for the future of Bay Area hip-hop. I hope that upon reading this interview you feel the same way.

Pepe: It’s good being here with you today, thank you for taking the time out of your day to sit down with us. First and foremost, walk me through a day in the life of G. Battles.
G. Battles: A day in the life of G. Battles… As a matter of fact I can give you 24 hours of what happened with me a day or so ago: I hooked up with my producer early in the morning, we went over the different tracks that we’ve been working on, then we decided to call Rick Lee, who is a radio personality for 106 KMEL, and we talked to him and his assistant to set up a meeting, then we went to the meeting. After the meeting, we mixed all night. We went back, we worked on more music, we mixed more songs, we made more phone calls… It’s just a constant progression; everyday I’m constantly working towards my craft. I feel like, if you want somebody to believe in you, you have to believe in you. You have to put the effort into your craft. If you can’t put that constant everyday grind into your craft, on top of working a job, and going to school full time Everyday I’m doing music, because that’s what I believe in, that’s what I want to do with my life. I don’t want to sit behind a desk and work a job; I want art to pay me. The only way that’s going to happen is to constantly do it, everyday. It’s like working out, the only way you’re going to see a difference in your definition is to constantly train. If you sit on the couch, there’s no definition.

Pepe: Based off of what you just told me I’m feeling a ton of passion and ambition in your voice and your everyday routine. Expand a little bit more on your philosophy regarding music, life, and where this came from.
G. Battles: My philosophy is Blak Hart. Blak Hart Freda World. Blak Hart is that undying feeling that looms inside of you, that you just wanna express yourself, cold heartedly. No matter what anybody else thinks, you are willing to live and die for what you believe in, and for me its Blak Hart. I feel like Blak Hart represents the people who come from nothing and try to make something out of that nothing and they believe without a shadow of a doubt in what they’re doing. It’s also a reflection of what I grew up around in East Oakland and West Oakland. It’s cold. Colder than the first day of December, you feel me?

Pepe: I’m almost feeling a sense of Pac coming from your tone man; I feel that fire coming off of you.
G. Battles: Yeah, I was raised up Thug Life, Outlaw, Immortal, Westside; I was raised up on all of that.

Pepe: Definitely man that’s awesome. I feel like the current hip-hop scene is hungry, can you talk about that?
G. Battles: It is hungry. Actually the first song I got, it’s radio song called “Ride or Die”. It’s almost like 2pac.

Pepe: Describe your sound. Expand on what you just said.
G. Battles: My sound is Westside. It’s California, Westside. It’s Northern California, Bay Area. But it’s also universal. I can get with a live band and I could perform at a festival in front of family and children, and I can also make music that can make you shake your ass in a club. I can do both spectrums, you know? I can give food for the brain, and I can give you a good time as well. I feel like for any artist it’s important to be versatile. Why just be one-dimensional? Whatever happened to the artists that could be right in the middle [of the spectrum]? Which is extremely hard to do in this industry nowadays because they make you choose a side. That’s why I love to have outlets like Dynamic Truth. Where I can get on the mic and make a song about my mother: “Black Queen” that talks about how she’s been addicted to crack cocaine and how she came through her struggle and how she is my inspiration, my mother. Just like any young black male that’s coming up, their mother 9 times out of 10 is the biggest influence because the father, 9 times out of 10 isn’t in the picture. So you got your mom being the mother and the fa - We Move Against The Tides



Oakland-bred, Las Vegas rapper G. Battles is a West Coast hip-hop artist. Although his roots were heavily inspired by the G-Funk era, his diversified style of music has been licensed for television shows on FOX and Showtime; on The Pitch, Shameless and in the film The Hot Flashes. Battles' single "Night Of Your Life" was recently featured on the CBS TV show The Good Fight and All American. Battles has also collaborated with Hip Hop Heavy weights; Rick Ross, Spice 1, Rappin' 4tay, Ice T, BG Knocc Out, Layzie Bone and Twista. As an actor Battles also made a quick appearance in Straight Outta Compton the movie.

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