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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Reggae


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"G-bolo press"

By: HOOKEDUPB MEG, Lindsey Browne

New Single:
G-Bolo- “Hennessey and RedBull” [Official Video]
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Scarborough, Toronto Indie artist G- Bolo (Hip Hop Artist) has been working over the past quarter of 2010 and as reached a huge milestone by releasing his first video called “Hennessey and Redbull” (song Written by: G- Bolo, and Produced by: Young Mak). The video was posted on Youtube.com October 18, 2010. Independently made with help of supporters, targeted at the urban under world, more importantly the party people of Toronto and abroad.

On G-Bolo’s Youtube channel “Hennessey and Redbull”, has accumulated 870 views and counting. The most effective and attention getting source for “Hennessey and Redbull” has been on the G-Bolo Facebook video upload with 102 comments and ___ views- so far! Also, the single been added to the 93.7 WBLK public voting list in hopes of making the count down. Plus, the song is number one on 88.1 CKLN fm for 6 weeks. The G-Bolo Street Team has been working hard to recruit votes and exposure on this unique video and lyrics all over the net and streets of Toronto.

“Hennessey and Redbull” has received positive feedback since its release; Youtube fans have stated: “love it… very catchy…adding as one of my favorites” and another says: “This is some serious rappin bro…good work and your party is ooonnn!!!”

Youtube Link:

Facebook Video Link:

Vote for G-Bolo on 97.3 WBLK - “Hennessey & Red Bull”:

- hook up mag


i had a few songs that played on both internet an main stream radio'
such as hot 96.co.uk
88.1fm ckln
93.7fm wblk
97.3 real fm grenada
i got the new song called hennessey & redbull witch is number 1 for four weeks on 88.1fm top 5 count down



My name is Isaiah Charles, and I was born in Grenada in the year of 1983. Born in Grenada, I grew up in the community of La-Potrie where I was lead to recognize my musical talent by creating my own songs. With the pounding of drums and pans, I was driven to prefect my Caribbean sound. In many of the things I experienced, whether it was at school or at home, I was lead to put my understanding into songs in which many people in my community regularly called me to perform.
Immigrating to Canada in , a place where music is easily accessed, in a recording studios is where I spent most of my time. Quickly adapting to my surroundings and the things that I experienced and seen, I started reflecting musically, which took my musical talents to new levels. I started experimenting with various sounds, and as a result of the atmosphere I was placed in, this in particular left me lyrically incline. Because of my openness and love for music, I am a versatile artist. Being in Canada, although rap is my main vessel when voicing my opinions, I never abandon my ability of expressing myself through other cultural acceptance. For example, my vocalist abilities cross many boundaries, expressing my deepest desires in different musical categories. For example, I have the ability of expressing myself through music such as Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soca, Rock & Roll and so on.
There are many stories to my musical growth, where I was forced to feel and be one with the music. Different scenarios left me deeper in the musical process. To further explain, because of the places I recede and the failures I did not accept, I was further placed into the mechanics of music and its creation, where the receiving of vocals by the microphone stopped metaphorically. I was then faced with a forest where my mind and sense of direction collapsed when deeply looking at other studio equipments besides the microphone. In this time of self-testing and uncertainty, I demonstrated my dedication to music by learning to produce to my creativity, where I started engineering and focusing on voice quality, and musical meters etc.
As a result of this situation, I was made to learn more about the finish product of a song. Today, I now know what it takes to get a song to the finish production of clarity, vocal expression, and different ways of approaching the microphone. This self-testing developed a deeper love for music and gave me the discipline I needed to carry on when getting my music to perfection.
I will now like to thank you for taking the time out to view this expansion of my newly emplacement in life. With my deepest gratitude, I thank you. When performing, I am known as G-bolo. This name is my signature on the influence I have made with the people that surround me.