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We rep for El Shaddai 24/7. We promote the ever growing Kingdom of Heaven. The mixture between Rap, Gospel, and Rock gives you the equation that equalz GC1. We are the chosen few, God not only chose us for the job, He crafted us for it. This world will see God thru us. We promise!


We are representatives of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We consider ourselves Aliens! Tearing down the "Tradish" church environment and presenting rebels that will rebel against the culture of this planet and Glorify God in all there acts. He has given us these gifts and we are here to spread His everlasting message of love. You can trace our beginnings back to 2004. This is the new face of GC1, the group originated in 2004 with three lyricists. But over the years it has been narrowed down to two Emcees. Well 1 Emcee and a singer/ Emcee.
Natasha Sanders who goes by the name Nikki Cole She writes songs, poems, and plays as well. Now under the teaching of Bryan Sanders she has ventured in to production as well.
Bryan Sanders a.k.a Da' 80's kid. Goes by the name L (O+S) which stands for Lyricist of Salvation is the President and CEO of Covenant Records LLc. An Indie record label founded in 2005. Bryan arranges the instruments and produces most of the songs for GC1. His vision is to praise God and spread the Gospel of peace to everyone who will listen.

Some of our influences would be: Lecrae, and Trip Lee of Reach Records, The entire Cross Movement roster, Lauryn Hill, Tye Tribbett, Kirk Franklin, KJ 5-2, Group 1 Crew and several others.

GC1 stands for God's Chosen ones, that's what sets us apart from others. We are a group that God has put together in the Las Vegas Valley. We go to Bread of Life ministries of His Glory, in North Las Vegas, NV.


Whatchu Claim?- Single Released 10/12/08
How you living- Single Release 8/24/08
This Ain't my home- Single
These Streets- Single
Lets Go- Single
Go head- Single
Told ya- Single
Goodbye Sin- Sinlge

Set List

How you living- 4:27
This Ain't my home- 4:28
These Streets- 4:36
Told ya- 6:07
Goodbye Sin- 5:31
Character- 4:16
Go Head- 4:03