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Born Rayon tucker, on February 19th in the Maxfield area of Kingston/St. Andrew
Jamaica. He developed the utmost passion for music at an early age.
G-Cleff began to display his unique talent, singing in his local hometown
church at the age of 10. Growing up in Central Village, St. Catherine
G- Cleff attended Dun Robin Primary and Penn Brook Hall High School.

The first time G-Cleff ever went on stage outside of church was the moment
he realized he wanted to be a music artist. He performed an R. Kelly
song at his high school and the response was tremendous. G- Cleff began
writing music at the age of 14. His biggest influences ranges from
great legends such as Bob Marley and Otis Redding, to artists such as R.
Kelly, Boys 2 Men, and Brian Mcknight.

While growing up in Jamaica, G - Cleff was always in the company of
Great musicians and artists. At the age of 23, he now resides in Brooklyn,
New York, the home to a wide variety of well renowned artists. Over the past
three years, G-Cleff has been given the opportunity to record in some
of Jamaica's top recording studios, from Bob Marley's own Tuff Gong
Studios to Exodus Dub Studios. In Brooklyn, G-Cleff spends most of his days
recording at studios such as Studio 100, Island Vibe Studio, and The
Dungeon. He is currently releasing his debut single entitled "Wine Up",
mixed and recorded by Ed Robinson and mastered by Chris Scott, the
former head engineer at VP Records). G-Cleff's songs entitled "Gentle Jesus"
on the Mission riddim, "Gyal a Bawl" on the Drumlane riddim, and "Gyal
Dem a ask For" on the Gear Box riddim are all in rotation and can be heard
on radio stations such as Triple 9 Radio "99.9 FM", Boom Radio
"96.1FM",Exclusive Radio "97.5 FM" and Red Hot Radio '102.3 FM".
G- Cleff is also collaborating on the Hip Hop group 100 Block's album to be
released in June 2008.

G-Cleff has a lot to offer the music industry. Not only does he sing,
he is also a songwriter. He has the unique ability to intertwine the
various musical genres such as Reggae, R&B, Rap, and Dancehall all into
his music. G-Cleff's music can best be described as none other than
"Classic, pure and from the depths of his heart and soul." Growing up
As a child, he was exposed to many different musical genres. G-Cleff is a
very versatile artist because he is comfortable in venturing out into
so many different sounds. He can excel in any genre of music, which he
decides to pursue. The main attribute, which sets G-Cleff apart from so
many other artists out there who are also thriving to be a part of the
music industry, is he knows the difference between making a record
rather than making a song. As an artist, G-Cleff's first love above all
is performing, which gives him the ability to have a relationship with
his audience. There is nothing compared to the feeling one can
experience while at a live performance. With every given opportunity he
puts forward his utmost best to showcase his talents when he performs.
G-Cleff loves to see the reaction of his audience, which lets him know
that the fans are pleased with his music. It also gives him reassurance
to know that his time and effort spent making music is not in vain.

On March 20th 2007, G-Cleff won the "Faces in the Crowd" showcase,
Which was held at "Club T" in Manhattan, New York. "Faces in The Crowd" is a
Hip Hop/ R&B showcase, where the artists are judged on their ability to
perform their original songs with their original tracks. The winner "G-
Cleff" then gets featured on a Hip Hop/ R&B mix tape and is also
featured in radio and television interviews. G-Cleff is a semi-finalist on the
Susie Q "Reggae Trail Talent Search" competition. It is a
Reggae/Dancehall talent competition where the artist gets to perform one
original track and then the artist freestyles on the spot to any beat
played. He has also appeared on Smack DVD's "Straight out the hood,
Brooklyn Bridge."

G-Cleff is an extraordinary artist from the streets of Jamaica, who now
resides in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 23, he possesses a very
rare and natural talent that is missing from today's industry. As a
singer and songwriter, G-Cleff tries his hardest to fulfill all his
endeavors. Ranging form Reggae, R&B, Rap, and Dancehall his motivations
are endless. The passion G-Cleff has for his music is just the
beginning of things, which when compared to other breaking artists cannot be
surpassed. G-Cleff is eternally graceful to be the artist that he has
grown into over the years and he is eagerly awaiting his time to shine
and share his talents with the world. G-Cleff's versatile style and
unique ability to compose and deliver positive messages through his
music is what sets him apart from so many other artists thriving to be a
part of the music scene today. He is determined to excel in the music
industry. With his passion, he's surely not going to stop because he's
going all the way.