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Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF

Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF
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"GE5 Superficial World CD Review"

After running through GE5's Superficial World several times in my car I kept coming back to one thought… solid 80's Pop. Track by track I kept hearing so many of those bands I used to love back in my high school days. The first band that came to mind was The Outfield on track one, You May Be Right, from the catchy guitars to the harmonizing vocals. This is happy, bouncy stuff. I could immediately imagine a large audience moving to these songs.

Track two, Please Don't Ask, continued with that same feel, bringing back memories of watching that video by The Hooters. I kept waiting for somebody to break out with a Melodica riff. And yes, I will even say I heard some progressions that were reminiscent of The Police. This 80's/early 90's heavy vibe continues throughout the CD with the stylings of Spin Doctors, The Smithereens, Elvis Costello, John Cougar (not John Mellencamp), and .38 Special.

But don't take this 80's comparison as a bad thing. I'm talking about a lot of the good stuff that came from this era. And at times GE5 hits on some of the jam band realm as well, conjuring up schools of Phish.

This disc certainly grabbed my attention and peaked my curiosity in regards to catching them live someday. I'd love to see what they can do in a packed, medium sized venue where the girls can dance, the guys can try to avoid dancing, and everybody is having a good time. GE5 don't sound political, angry, entitled, or whiney. They just rock it out and sound like they're having a good time. That's a rarity these days.

Sean Stutzman
- Pacific Northwest Music Scene

"Band unveils their labor of love"

Tacoma band GE5 puts a fresh spin on the power pop genre with their new original material. The four members are clearly having a good time being together and hitting the stages in the local scene.

The band consists of Tim Monaghan on bass and vocals, Jon Ecklund on guitar and vocals, Glen Eagleson on guitar and vocals and Jeff Crane on drums and vocals.

Eagleson was a founding member of local cover tune band The Boinkers, and at some point all the members of GE5 were members of that group. The four of them split away around 1993 and began working on some original material. In 1994 they set that project aside, and spent much of the following 11 years focusing on their families and careers while playing in other bands occasionally.

In 2005 Crane was ready to give up playing, and had his drum kit up for sale on eBay. He ran into Eagleson, who talked him into going to a party Monaghan throws each year. They began jamming on some Beatles and Rolling Stones tunes and something clicked. “It felt so good, I said let’s get the band back together,” Eagleson recalled.

A musician friend of theirs passed away. For an event celebrating his life, relatives asked people from various bands he had been in to get together and play. The four were booked to play, and realized they needed a name. Ecklund teased Eagleson about using his initials in a play off The Dave Clark Five, and thus they picked GE5 for their name.

They held off on playing shows, opting to spend the past year working on their album “Superficial World,” which was released last week. About half of the songs were written when they were together in the 1990s. One ended up being written while they were in the recording studio.

“It was a labor of love for us,” Monaghan said.

All of the members wrote at least one song. “The Beatles only gave Ringo one song per album too,” Crane quipped.

Eagleson said the four can collaborate without conflict or disrespecting each other. “We give each other constructive criticism, which a lot of musicians can’t handle,” he said.

The four switch off on lead and backing vocals. Some of the tunes feature four-part vocal harmonies.

They celebrated the release of their album with shows in Tacoma and Seattle. Monaghan said at this point in their lives, they are not interested in playing every weekend like they did when they were younger. “We have spent our time in the trenches,” he observed.

Their live set focuses on songs from the album. The veterans of the cover tune scene throw in a few old favorites, such as “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac and “Cinnamon Girl.”

“If it feels good, we do it,” Eagleson remarked.

Monaghan said 20 years ago playing in a band for him felt like a job. “This is most fun I have had in years,” he said.

One major difference in the music scene now compared to back when they first played in bands is the impact of the Internet. Ecklund noted that some of the people who showed up for their Tacoma CD release show March 13 at Station 56 found out about the band through their websites, and “The Internet has made it a lot easier to get people exposed to music,” he observed.

The band is promoting the album by sending copies to radio stations and the press, while working to line up gigs at some of the summer festivals.

Monaghan feels the album appeals to everyone from teenagers to people in their 50s, and noted that the band members’ children enjoy it. Eagleson feels their style has a connection to some of the bands that crossed rock with pop in the 1980s such as The Knack, The Romantics and The Smithereens. “I think that style is coming back full circle,” he observed.

“I think this album is as fresh as anything on the radio now,” Monaghan remarked.

- Tacoma Weekly


Superficial World --- CD released Feb 1, 2008
Promotion has really just begun, and we have some small indie streaming stations (such as playing different cuts from the disc, as well as featuring the music on other independent music sites. It is available on Itunes and Amazon also.
The release features 14 original songs from the band, and was recorded at Pacific Studios, Tacoma, Washington.



GE5 is a power pop group from Tacoma, Washington. The band originally was a cover band, but after a personnel change they began to write their own songs, intermixing them with the Beatles, REM, and Morrissey songs they played every night. The realization that they had a lot of great songs that needed to be heard gave them the desire to record their music, and the band's Debut disc "Superficial World" was released in 2008.
The members of the band have each had some successes of their own in the past, but feel that this group has a dynamic sound that is unique and yet familiar. With many songs featuring two-,three-, and four-part harmony lead vocals, as well as jangly electric 12 string guitars, they have been compared to bands as diverse as the Byrds, REM, the Hooters, the Smithereens, and the Beatles --- all huge compliments to the band, as these have been influences in their songwriting and their sound.
The band has continued to write, and are looking to incorporate some of the new songs into their performances, and are excited about the buzz that is starting about their new release and their sound. They are currently recording the follow-up, and this is a band that can't wait to get out and share their music with more and more people!