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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
Band World Folk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Forking Paths" Album Review"

Some bands make it ridiculously hard for themselves, in a commercial sense, no matter how good they are (and Geamala are exceptionally good). Experimental instrumental is really the only way to categorise this band, for those obsessed with genres, and it’s not going to appeal to the undemanding music punter. Not by a long shot. But, if bands like this are happy to purely produce and release their relatively obscure art, without appealing to the lowest common denominator or anything even resembling it, then many many props to them. Their art won’t make them rich, but boy, does it make a bold and meaningful statement.
For those with an open mind and slightly more developed musical tastes, this album is a wondrous journey across dark and eerie soundscapes. Ever-present is the subtle world-music feel, with the non-traditional instrumentation and vocal arrangements, but this is not a world music album. It is something quite unique and indefinable. Ambient, atmospheric, it’s like the weird (in the best possible way) soundtrack to some enigmatic and quirky Moroccan or Middle Eastern made movie.
In short, it’s an album that must be experienced. No real description can do it justice, you simply have to listen to it. But listen to it multiple times, to allow its idiosyncratic charms and graces flow over you, get under your skin and carry you away to dreamy, otherworldly places. One or two listens is simply not enough.
I get quite annoyed when I hear things like ‘there’s no good music around today’, and ‘only the old stuff is any good’, or ‘where’s the originality/innovation these days?’ Well, it’s right here, and if you bothered to open your eyes and ears and peer beyond the mainstream (and well beyond the mainstream, in this case), you’ll find true creativity in music. And Geamala is a fine place to start.
- Rod Whitfield


Geamala have a number of releases that have caught the attention of many in the Melbourne Music scene most recently being the 2011 release of their first full length album "Forking Paths." Geamala can be streamed or purchased at www.bandcamp/geamala. Geamala have also been played and interviewed on Triple R FM, PBS FM, and SYN FM. Releases to date include:

Forking Paths (debut album) 2011
The Kiss of a Martyr (single) 2009
Sacral (Geamala live) 2007



Geamala (Ghee-ah-mala), are a world music band like no other. Combining elements of many genres, ranging from atmospheric, eastern, arabic, tribal, electro-acoustic, and trance whilst maintaining a profoundly spiritual focus. These elements are boldly woven together exploring new angles of traditional music to create mesmerizing timeless soundscapes and powerful hypnotic rhythms that leave audiences in a state of enlivened connectedness. To witness Geamala live is a truly moving and epic experience.

Geamala was formed in Melbourne in 2008 by guitarist/songwriter Ant Connelly upon recommendation to seek out Shakuhachi (japenese flute) player and vocalist Luke Wood. The two formed a strong musical bond and was shortly thereafter joined by Rowan Richardson, a drummer and percussionist of renown originally from Canberra. Geamala have more recently expanded their line up in 2010 by welcoming Croatian born Belly Dancer Marina Sabljo to augment their live performance.

Geamala have taken a leaf from many books, these main influences would include but are not limited to, Dead Can Dance, The Tea Party, Secret Chiefs 3, Bjork, Rodruigo y Gabriella, Taikoz and Riley Lee.

Geamala have had the joy of playing on some of Melbourne's finest stages including The Corner Hotel, The Espy Gershwyn Room and Front Bar, Northcote Social Club, The Evelyn, The East Brunswick Club, Ding Dong and many others. Geamala have also shared these stages with some of Melbourne's most respected acts including Mushroom Giant, Bellusira, Jericco, Sydonia, 12 Foot Ninja, Sleepmakeswaves, Sleep Parade and Dub the Magic Dragon.

In 2012 Geamala are seeking to expand their audience and are eagerly setting their sites on performing on the vibrant festival circuit. Riding high on the release of their debut album “Forking Paths,” Geamala are set to make their mark on the ever-growing Australian and International festival scene.