Guillermo E. Brown & BiLLLL$

Guillermo E. Brown & BiLLLL$


Guillermo E. Brown and BiLLLL$ get busy over broad beats and hallucination-inducing sounds. Musically the group's sound ranges from hip hop experimentalism to post dub explorations to post punk Caribbean jump up, to techno soul pop musings.


Guillermo Brown and his godfather, James, share more than a surname. A groove expert lauded by Billboard magazine for his counterpoint polyrhythms� and funky breaks, Guillermo E. Brown, the former Wesleyan University music student, swaggers to the beat of his own drum. As with James, this transcends music. Rather, it is a mode of thinking - one that combines cut-up imagery with bootyshaking soundscapes, diverse and familiar. It’s a mode that doubles as Guillermo’s latest album title, Shuffle Mode. After a decade’s work within the confounding paradigms of free jazz, experimental hip hop, new world music, art rock, and indie electronica, Brown bounds for transformation. Informed, in part, by his past partners/collaborators including David S. Ware, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Dave Burrell, Anti-Pop Consortium, El P, Spring Heel Jack, Carl Hancock Rux, George Lewis, Vernon Reid, & DJ Logic among others, Guillermo E. Brown has earned his stripes and omni rhythmic identity at once. Off the drum throne, Brown remains a futuristic and theatrical force. Acting, writing, and singing in his one-man theatre piece, Robeson In Space, co-producing in Mike Ladd’s Negrophilia, vocalizing and handling electro-percussion duties in Vijay Iyer’s Still Life with Commentator at BAM, twiddling knobs with Matthew Shipp in Telephone Popcorn and designing twisted beatscapes for Grisha Coleman’s echo::system; these are some of the duties managed by Brown, the non-drummer. The multi-talented Brown has even moved with best of them in Marlies Yearby’s Movin Spirits Dance Theatre and Bill T. Jones’ The Fela Kuti Project. Brown’s phonographic breadth can be heard on over 30 recordings including his own albums Soul at the Hands of the Machine, The Beat Kids' Open Rhythm System, Black Dreams 1.0, …Is Arturo Klauft, and Handeheld. BiLLLL$ is an outstanding new musical project that sees Guillermo sharing duties with William Johnson (aka Gordon Voidwell) hence the 4 L's of the band name. As enticing as as a risk free trip to inner-outerspace, BiLLLL$ cast Brown and his cohorts Johnson and Cochemea Gastelum (aka Johnnny Arrow) in the director's chair. Here in the BiLLLL$ dimension expect absolute supreme dopeness. In addition to Shuffle Mode and BiLLLL$, Brown looks forward to releasing The Beat Kids' 2nd release Sound Magazine, continuing work on his ensemble performance piece Syrup, The Cut Up Quintet, and Breuklen Tek Orchestra. Brown’s version for a better tomorrow includes dealing dub to teens in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, better living through arts and literacy to little ones in the Lower East Side, workshopping with Italian drummers & beatmaking with OH middle schoolers & thinktanking/critiquing students in the Clive Davis Dept. of Recorded Music and the Gallatin School of Individualized Study.


Guillermo E. Brown "Soul at The Hands of the Machine"
Guillermo E. Brown "Black Dreams 1.0"
Guillermo E. Brown "Handeheld"
Guillermo E. Brown "Shuffle Mode"
Guillermo E. Brown "Crack Unicorns"
The Beat Kids "Open Rhythm System"

Set List

Sets range from simple solo setup to full on 5 piece ensemble, with material ranging from past albums and present work, as well as contributuins from BiLLLL$ and other members of the group. Sets typically can run anywher from 15 mins to 90 mins depending on the situation.