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Gee's music is essentially Hip Hop beautifully constructed with an essence of authenticity in every verse or hook.


Gee is a talented 20 year old lyricist from the North London based camp Roots Ent. He has been perfecting his lyrical skills since the age of 17 and his now ready to display his skills on the world stage. He has performed at such events as the Haringey Peace festival and the Xclusive Entertainment Prince’s Trust event in Hackney Empire. He has also guest performed at various colleges and universities.With many more dates booked for 2008; this is the start of a truly spectacular career for Gee. His myspace page is catching the attention of record labels, management companies and online magazines throughout the UK and he is steadily building a UK if not worldwide fan base. He has just finished working on his much anticipated debut mixtape entitled “Positive State of Mind” which is shortly due for street release. He has worked with various underground up and coming producers and artists and he is now becoming a sort after lyricist on the underground Hip Hop scene.

Gee is primarily a hip hop artist, siting his musical influences as versatile as Tupac, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. He describes his music as “conscious and influential”. Intrigue magazine stated that his music “captures the essence of Hip Hop in every bar”. Music couch have called him a “hip hop genius in the making” Gee says he wants his music to inspire the youth and evoke positive change, he believes in hard work and dedication to achieve ones goals and his hard work is finally paying off . This is definitely only the beginning for Gee and he is definetaly a young man on a mission to conquer the world.


Geality Promo released July 2007 (Consisted of full tracks plus a selection of freestyles.)
Due for street release debut mixtape entitled "Positive State of Mind"

Set List

A typical set would last for 10-15 minutes.

No more rainy days (3.5 minutes)
Demons and angels (3.5 minutes)
One for ma gran (4 minutes)