Geebee Minds

Geebee Minds

 London, England, GBR

"A comprehension on good sense, community, and love through passionate and smart lyrics."


There are no intentions in coaxing, instead on spreading simple and true music through GB's work. Lyrics caress the melodies, amplifying the satiric and faithful expression of everyday life. The characteristics of GB’s work have proves brilliant; this young man has been performing, better yet, blending, folk music to pulsating and cheerful beats, making music for it’s real purpose; GB makes music to convey a message.

After writing for a few years GB created a good old-fashioned recipe for his songwriting, writing significant, yet simplistic lyrics, accompanied by a traditional folk strum. Songs deliberately stripped of pretensions, if not naïve, they will affectionately invade the listener’s heart and mind.

Although times are in constant changing and we can’t seem to find answers to what we face, GB provides his music not to criticize, but to pull you into a state, to make you think, and honor your values within a community; despite love being ironically present in his voice, it is certain that love conquers all.

In early 2012 GB will release his first EP entitled Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands along with fellow producer JC Wallace, which supported the creation of three of his songs, As One, an upbeat and optimistic, dance hit, When The World Falls Apart, which catches the listener in a contemplative state, and It’s True, a piece that embraces the beauty in naivety.

Currently, GB is working on new songs to bear his soul for the world, through his music.


Don't Forget To Wash Your Hands (EP on I-Tunes)

Set List

Set 1 (Full Band)

1. The Rascal
2. The Sailor & His Oar
3. As One
4. Confessions Of A Public Man
5. The Core & Its Ensemble
6. All My Friends Were Right
7. I Own Nothing
8. Untitled
9. Coax The King
10. Who's that Funny Guy?
11. When The World Falls Apart
12. The Song Can Kill You
13. The Bottom
14. I Hang My Head


Set 2 (Trio)

1. The Bottom
2. All My Friends Were Right
3. When The World Falls Apart
4. I Hang My Head
5. The Sailor & His Oar
6. Coax The King
7. Confessions Of A Public Man
8. This Revolution Ain't Gonna Retreat
9. I Own Nothing
10. I Can Lend You My Heart
11. The Rascal
12. As One
13. Who's That Funny Guy?
14. The Core And It's Ensemble
15. The Song Can Kill You