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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Hip Hop


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"GeeDa Revealtions Album Reveiw"

Given the current state of the world it is obvious that the book of Revelations is fulfilling itself. Everytime we turn on the news, read the paper, or listen to the radio we're made aware of how the moral fabric of our society is rapidly deteriorating. Things that five years ago were considered taboo are now acceptable and received as being normal behavior. As christians when we seek God for revelation regarding the plans He has for our life we wait with anticipation for the divine truth He will communicate to us.

GeeDa does a good job of providing us the necessary tools to stand strong in our faith during these last days. Many of the cuts on this album speak to the transformation GeeDa experienced after being blessed to find his "good thing" who inspired him with a changed outlook on life which ultimately led to his rededication to Christ. It is evident in "I'm Changed" and "Show Ya Luv" that GeeDa is no longer the young man who made bad decisions and walked away from the committment he made to God at a young age, but is a man of faith, honor, and strength. These types of songs encourage us to be the best that we can be for God because He gives us His best even when it's undeserved.

We are shown GeeDa's versatility of being both a rapper and singer on numerous tracks where he sings the hook. It is evident in "More" featuring Joshua Gates and "Get Krunked Up For God" that Bone Thugs N Harmony was a study reference for GeeDa during the early developmental stages of his craft. He lets us know with these anthems that we are able to be saved and still have a good time getting krunk for Christ.

"Playing Games", and "What Chu Been" all raise our consciousness to take a self examination on where we are in our daily walk with God. GeeDa's concern for the youth is resounding in "Ease Up" as he admonishes them to stop what it is they're doing and seek after God.

As an up and coming producer GeeDa has a synth based down south style that definitely does not speak to his Chicago roots. Auto tune which has become an industry standard can clearly be heard on each of the singing parts of this album. At times the quick flow of GeeDa's 16 bars give him a sound that is comparable to that of hip hop artist Twista. "Revelations" proves GeeDa to be a triple threat as a producer, lyracists, and singer.

Remaining relative and current with the time(s) is very important for artists in the industry. This album shows GeeDa's ability to relate with various listeners. More often than not many young listeners won't give Holy Hip Hop a chance because they feel these mc's don't go as hard or can't compete with secular mc's. GeeDa's music will definitely persuade those nay sayers to think twice about that thought.

GeeDa's "Revelations" serves as an inspiration that the dream(s) and vision(s) God has birthed in us will manifest when we repent and live a life completely sold out for Christ. This is especially important because often times many people feel God can't or won't use them because of their past without realizing once He forgives you the past is forgotten.
While I believe GeeDa was able to get his point across, many of the tracks on the album bear a striking resemblance which limits the amount of variety that could be offered on this album. Also, at times due to an unbalanced mix on many of the tracks you are unable to hear and feel the kick which is the primary foundation of the "down south" sound. GeeDa is an artist with an abundant amount of potential who with time will be a force to reckon with in the industry. -


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Geeda a.k.a Charles Cornelius. Was born and raised in the inner city of Chicago, where he would developed his style. Geeda has always had a love for music even as a child he would beat pots and pans until his mom couldn't take it any more, discovering that he had a passion for music he would sing in school choir and play the drums. At a very young age he gave his life to Christ at the age of eight, growing up in a God fearing family Geeda strayed away from God and became heavily worldly influenced. He first started rapping in the seventh grade idolizing Bone Thugs and Harmony; he would rap their verses until people thought he was Bone. He and his friends would go on to form a group of there own where they would record in his basement with an old radio. After a few years Geeda left the group and formed a duo group with a friend but that only lasted for so long. Eventually the path of life, Bad decisions, hard times and no sense of direction he tried a solo career as a rapper but lost motivation because he didn't have the proper equipment to record so he gave up rap entirely. Geeda would go on to pursue a career in trades and in the process he met his wife and everything changed he had a whole new outlook on life and he rededicated his life to Christ. Four years later He wanted to get back to doing music but this time for Christ, He thought it would cost a fortune! So he started to doubt his self until a friend told him about a software program that engineers use to produce music. Geeda learned and eventually mastered it and got back in the grove of rapping but glorifying Christ with his talents and showing youth god is cool. Geeda began doing shows at churches and various events and now is preparing for the release of his first album.