BandHip HopR&B

A fresh new Hip Hop sound with fresh lyrics, dope beats and a unique style of flows and delivery. A new wave of Hip Hop from the West Coast to deliver to the world!!!


23 year old from Southern California with a love for true Hip Hop and a desire to share his lyrics with the world. Born in Palm Springs but raised in Cathedral City, a city where the latino race has shadowed over all other races. Moved from place to place with family and experienced life changing events as a child that make him the person he is today. A fan of music as a child with influences from the storyteller Slick Rick to the fresh beats of Whodini into the new era of Dr. Dres The Chronic. A free styler since 2002 and strongly influenced by the breakout of 50 Cents "Get Rich or Die Trying" and Eminem's masterpieces. But 2006 was the year his music was recorded and finally shared with all who choose to listen. His lyrics are a biography of true life events and experiences making the tracks completely original. Collaborations with close friends widen the style and creativity of his music. Geek is currently working on his LP The Committment.


The Committment Coming Soon!!!

Stay Tuned and Updated!!!!!