Winter Springs, Florida, USA
BandHip HopR&B

The music I compose is more twords abstract and lyrics. In other words im more of a lyrical musician. I write to keep my listeners thinking. I also create music people can relate to. I take my lifes experiences and lay the out on track so people can say "yeaaaaa iv been there before, I understand"


Music has always influenced my life in a major way since I was growing up. I began writing at 9 and freestyling when I was 12 and event then I knew I wanted to make a career out of if. When other people thought it was a fad or phase, I was thinking of ways to achieve my goal. I went through high school with the idea that no matter what I did, I was going to be a recording artist. I made it to my senior year but dropped out of Winter Springs High School shortly after prom to pursue my goal. Now I run my own entertainment group (21 Rich Entertainment) and encouraging other local artist with the same goal to stride for that they can achieve and go above and beyond. I promised my self that I would make an impact in this world and so I am.

"First off I'd like to start off saying I am a man of god. I may not follow everything to the T, but there is no question about my faith. Second comes music. I love music and everything about it. The way it makes people feel, the power in the words, and the creativity that comes with it. I dont have to tell you because by now you should all ready know weather its from the talk in the streets, or the Myspace page ( or even the Youtube freestyle videos or perhaps maybe even the constant Twitter updates, I am the CEO of 21 Rich Entertainment formally 21 Rich Assassins. My success can only come from the man upstairs and I am forever grateful. Imma down to earth type dude and truthfully I can be your bestfriend or your worst enemy, but then again niggas aint shit, life showed me that. Now everyone I run into is strictly business. Dont take it personal but im a business man. To my family, I promise to always carry you on my back along with the task I have been assigned and the world. I do this for my family and everyone who listens to what I have to say. To my fans and even the new listeners, I am Geeky'D and I promise you'll always Remember Me."
-Geeky'D Unquote


The Ozone Layer (2010)
Remember Me (2011)

FLAlianz (2010 Single)