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You know what it is!!! Its Da Squad here (GeekSquadClick) also known as The Villains Doom or Injustice League. Our group consists of King Midas, Young M.V.P, JiggaVice, W.O.W, and Phlocabulary. We are all from Louisiana and we have 2 mixtapes out called GAME TIME MIXTAPE VOL.1:Just Getting Started and we also have our 2nd mixtape that’s called GAME TIME MIXTAPE VOL.2: The Villains Of Doom, It's like our alter ego's, Our trying to take over the whole T. I. vs. Tip or Cassidy with The Hustler vs. The Problem or B.A.R.S. LOL. Now we are on our 3rd Mixtape Called Out Da Swamp Louisianaimals Vol.3 which is been hosted by Dj Smalls (a.k.a.) Mr. Southern Smoke. The Villains Of Doom also consists of our alter ego's, The Riddler (Phlocabulary) The Joker (JiggaVice) 2-Face (King Midas) W.O.W. (The Scarecrow) and Mr. Freeze (Young M.V.P). Really the first mixtape that we dropped about 2 years ago wasn't really pushed like talking about except for in our local area. So with these 2 new ones we hope to have it moved all over the south. Over the course of 5 years we've been though a lot, we’ve lost members due to life's situations, Young Pimp was one of the creators of the single G-Step that had a good rotation on radio in Central Louisiana and was a no.1 banger for Dj spins at parties and clubs. But Pimp soon fell victim to the fact of not being able to keep faith in music so we had to part ways. J Roux was also of similarities due to issues of keeping up with recording sessions. With the departure of the other squad members we met eye to eye musically with 2 new member, Midas's older brother Phlocabulary and Child Hood Friend W.O.W Future Of R&B. I guess you could call it a blessing in a green suit with???? On it!!! LOL. We the remaining Squad members would like to wish Pimp and Roux the best of luck in what they are to purse now. But as for the future we are just four young cats from Central Louisiana trying to make it in a game that seems to be on the edge of destruction. And it’s sad to say......WE JUST GONNA HAVE 2 KILL IT EVEN MORE!!! In a positive way that is! Check Out our music!!! And remember, HIP HOP AIN'T DEAD IT LIVES IN THE SOUTH!!! Peace and Love! -GSC/VOD
Musical Influences

(Young MVP/Mr.Freeze )-Ludacris, Eminem, Trae, 2pac, LiL Wayne, Biggie Smalls, Cassidy, Juelz Santana, TI, Tyga

(Phlocabulary/The Riddler )-Zro, Cassidy, 2pac, Emniem, Biggie Smalls,Ludacris,Snoop Dogg,Lupe Fiasco,Jay Z,Loaded Lux

(King Midas/2face)-Emniem, 50cent,Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Young Jeezy, TI, Chamillionaire, Lupe Fiasco,2pac,Jay Z,

(JiggaVice/Jigga Tha Joker)-Tupac, Big L, Eminem, Papoose, Little Brother, Ludacris, T.I., Young Jeezy, Outkast, Jay-Z

(W.O.W/The Scarecrow)-Emniem,Trey Songz ,Plies,LiL Wayne,Ludacris,Kanye West, John Legend, Jamie Foxx,TI,Ne-Yo

Contact info

myspace. com/Gamesquad707
www. soundclick. com/gamesquadclick
www. isound. com/game_squad
www. boomdizzle. com/user/Mr. Golden%20Touch
www. mymusicsite. com/MrGoldenTouch707
www. ursession. com/gamesquad707