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GeeM's music consist of an array of genres fused together that form a unique but yet current sound that all can enjoy. GeeM displays the best of both worlds as he both sings and rap giving you some fun records as well as thought provoking records.


Rapper, songwriter and producer Gabriel J. Wright, professionally known as GeeM, offers a spiritual brilliance to the music industry. Responding to his calling towards the end of the 20th Century, GeeM mesmerizes audiences and clients with his unique style. Blending Funk, Rhythm and Blues (R & B), and Hip-Hop into spine-chilling mixes, he writes lyrics that address issues of the hour.

The son of a multi-talented musician, GeeM inherited many of his musical talents. Trained in Chicagos highly acclaimed Merit Musical Program as a vocalist, GeeM is also a singer. Having Studied at Nashvilles popular SAE (School of Audio Engineering Institute), GeeMs unique sound is his trademark.

Honing his financial skills, GeeM worked as a clerical expert in the Banking Industry; and subsequently invested his earnings to form his own production studio.

Showcasing abundant energy, GeeM for the past two years has been touring with the South Side Help Center on their "Stop the Violence" and Back to School campaigns. He has traveled to numerous states (Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, etc..) performing for the masses and has gained many fans that range in all ages. He was recently asked to perform at the Burger King Fam Fest featuring Mario and wowed the crowds. The "Stop the Violence" tour has already made a positive im pact on students in Chicago Public Schools at Garvey, Fernwood, Kohn, Curtis, Arthur Ashe, Coles, Armour elementary and Julian High School and has already reached well over 1500 youth. GeeM's most recent album project "The Dialogue, features the single, "Change" and "Like That" -- an often-requested selection on the entertainment circuit and can be purchased on,, and Itunes.


"The Dialogue" was released January of 2009 the single of the album is called "Change" which has had continuous radio airplay on Clear Channel Radio in Chicago, and the follow up singles are "Like That", "Freedom", and "Pressure"
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Set List

GeeM sets are usually 10-30 minutes in time depending on the nature of the show. GeeM usually perform about 3-10 songs in a set. Here is GeeM's song list:
"Like That & Amilli intro"
"Everybody Else"
"Like that"
"Jus listen"
"U Already Know"