$$Gee Money$$ of Hard Hittaz

$$Gee Money$$ of Hard Hittaz

BandHip Hop

My track "She doin it: is different, original, nice, and moving. The track gets the ladies dancing, and the fellas nodding. The track has nice, and quality production, and great concept. It is radio material. Also could be used in a movie in a club scene.


Hard Hittaz Productions Inc is a Music and Entertainment company that was formed in 2006 by Gerald Bass. The goal of the company is to market artist and venues to the maximum of artist receiving record or distribution deals, and packing out venues. The company has a staff of 15 individuals. Hard Hittaz Productions Inc. has coordinated events all over the metro Atlanta area such as; The Candy Shop, Scores Sports Bar, Orileys Sports Bar, and Club Caliente. The company plans on moving ahead to bigger ventures with other venues. The company is currently pushing the artist Gee Money which is CEO, executive producer, and artist of the company. Gee Money has built a buzz around the Atlanta metro area, and all over the internet. The hit single is titled “SHE DOIN IT”. The company has marketed the single in various venues around Atlanta, and has built relationships with Dj networks who want to work the song such as HOOD HARD DJ’S, Legion of Doom, and Arsonist Dj’s. The company has been approached by many videographers who have a vision for the concept of the shooting of this project. We have shot out You tube clips, and marketed on a various amount of internet music sites. We have received plenty hits on these sites in short time. We are very confident from the response we have received from our audience, and Dj’s that this single is a hit.


We've pushed the singles Ice Around My Neck, Live Party, We goin Ham, and She Doin It.

Set List

We goin Ham, and She Doin It.