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Jonathan Geer

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Editor's Pick"

"...this is only the start of a fantastic career." -


"...most of the numbers could very well be mistaken for sound snippets from a Nine Inch Nails, (post-Kid A) Radiohead, or Bjork LP. This makes the music not only interesting, but also all the more palatable to folks who find film scores boring." -

"8 out of 10"

" upper crusty breath of fresh air in this noisy, fast-paced, make-a-buck music business." -

"Bjork/Chopin fusion"

"Geer superbly employs a mixture of electronic and orchestral strains to maintain a constant level of lively intrigue... imagine a fusion of instrumental Bjork and Chopin." -

"Luna Kafe"

"You get a real nautical feel from the elegiac 'Essex Theme'. 'Depature' has the thrill of leaving home for the unknown territories. Its fluid melody and neat chord changes make it very lovely." -

"Rewarding Depths"

“…but in just the same way as reading a difficult classic is less accessible but ultimately more rewarding than flicking through the latest Barbara Cartland, if you stick with this record, some real depth begins to emerge.” -

"Praise from the author"

" is a true pleasure and honor to have any part in inspiring work of this caliber." - Nathaniel Philbrick


2005 - Essex


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jonathan was born and raised in the epic state of Texas. He spent his formative years in Waxahachie, the cultural and social hub of the state. It was there that he finely honed his creative skills that would lay the groundwork for his future career. He graduated with a BA in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA in 2001 and has been collaborating with up-and-coming independent film directors in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Jonathan’s music inspires the senses and creates a strong sense of atmosphere. His genre-defying style gathers together many disparate influences including Bjork, Chopin, Coldplay, Royksopp, John Williams, Thomas Newman and others. You might find him writing a piano concerto one day and an electronic trip-hop ballad filled with mouth noises the next.

Most recently, Jonathan has released his debut album, Essex, inspired by the story of the Nantucket whaleship of the same name. He has also completed work on Robert Dahlem’s Homeless! – The Musical and continues to work with Dahlem on his short film, Seventy cents, and his feature, Dead End Drag. Jonathan’s fondness for video game music led him to work with Stephen Kennedy on Project Majestic Mix: A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu. Jonathan has also collaborated with Chris Tonick on Duello a Fiume Styx and The Pistis Gene. He also composed the music for an internet promo trailer of I Heart Huckabees featuring Naomi Watts.