Gee Slab

Gee Slab

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

My music is based off emotion and experience. I display passion and conviction in every song. Even when its a surface level topic I aspire to reach a new level. I am very hands on with my music. I like to be apart of every part of the process. Ultimately no one can stop me but me.


Jason "Gee Slab" Patterson is an American rapper from Nashville, Tennessee. He comes from the Eastside of town where drugs, sex & amp violence are part of a struggling culture. Gee Slab began writing poetry at the age of 13. He saw music as a way to provide a platform for his poetry to reach the masses. His music is a reflection of humble beginnings and also captivates his progression and growth from real life experience. His lyrical, charismatic, expressive bars mixed with harmonies and aggression puts him a the top of the class. No one will give the people more passion than Gee Slab.


Flyer Learning - No Classification(hosted by DJ Wheezy) (Released May 2011)


Chronicles of the Misunderstood

(Released Jan. 2012)

Chronicles of the Misunderstood II: Story of a Sophisticated Gangster

(Released July 2012)

Anointed Sinner

(Released March 2013)

Man Before Rapper

(Released Jan 2015)


Sofa Brown - Morpheus (Released August 2012)

J. Dot Mason - Just In Time(Released Nov. 2012)

Set List

1. The Recipe
2. Fukk Nigga
3. Sinner feat Johnny Phrank
4.Let Us Pray