Eric Jennings of Geisha Hit Squad

Eric Jennings of Geisha Hit Squad

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Geisha Hit Squad is an Atlanta based alternative band led by songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Eric Jennings. His lyrics have been called disarming, insightful, and thought provoking. Upon listening what's realized is the familiar, and yet something new altogether. Currently touring Solo Acoustic.


Geisha Hit Squad was formed in 2007 by Eric Jennings. It is the moniker under which he writes, performs and records his music. Locally he is accompanied live by some of Atlanta’s finest musicians, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign to have his first LP released Eric hit the road on a national solo acoustic tour in the fall of 2011. He booked a western tour of more than 30 shows in 10 states over 45 days. The audience response was outstanding and he plans to continue touring solo acoustic.

For the time being GHS is primarily acoustically driven. Once the right percussionist/drummer is found, out will come the electric guitars, revealing the other side of the coin.

Influences cover a wide spectrum. They range from Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Hank Williams Sr., Radiohead, The Catherine Wheel, Miles Davies and Peter Gabriel to name a few. Aside from their music, Eric cherishes the fact that these artists thru time created their own voice and sound. They and all other original artists inspire him to do the same.

Audience feedback has compared his sound to The Psychedelic Furs, early REM and Son Volt, while commenting on the unique sound and power of Eric's voice.

A lot of gratitude is expressed towards the creation of “Experimenting With Mirrors”, GHS’s sophomore album. Over $4000 was raised in less than 60 days by fans to get the CD professionally mixed, packaged, duplicated and mastered along with merchandise to sell at shows.

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2011: Experimenting with Mirrors (LP)
2009: A Stolen Moment (EP)